What a funk…

Boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve logged on…I’ve just been so bogged down with so much crap in my life right now. I usually come on the computer to “de-stress” but lately I think I’ve been in such a funk that I just come home and crash out…hide beneath the covers from the cruel world outside.

I even tried going to volleyball games, to try and “escape”…it didn’t work, even though I usually love watching those tall, lanky men throwing their bodies down hard onto the court, just to keep the other team from scoring. I usually am so into the “Mole”…but not so much now, though I was surprised at who it was, and even more surprised at who won (Dennis Rodman?!?!). I can’t even eat. And while I used to spend hours and hours on the computer…I’ll log on maybe 5 minutes to check email, then promptly log out and turn off the computer. Wow. That’s a record for me.

I realize it’s something I just have to work through, bide my time, etc. I am always being told, just take it day by day, you’ll get stronger…I wonder though. This is some funk I’m in. And though I try to think of good things, I can’t help but think … what if this gets worse?!?!?!


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