i love the rain…we don’t get much of it where i am. everything is so brown and dry, but when we get a downpour…for the next 2 days everything is nice and green. it’s like two different lands when coming from this side over to the windward side, where it’s so lush.

what i can’t understand is why there is so much traffic…sure, people are driving slower to be more careful…but not like inch forward every five minutes or something. i think it’s the impatient people who are trying to make their own lanes and then cut in when they are in trouble (big puddle/stalled car/boulders/etc) … that’s what stops everyone else! a normal 20 minute drive home took me 1 hour and a half today. 45 minutes on the freeway…and 45 minutes just manuevering the streets to my house! i couldn’t believe it.

but we do need the rain, so for that i’m grateful. and i made it home safely in that horrible traffic jam, so i’m happy with that too. i’m now nice and cozy inside, listening to the rain pound outside. so soothing.

also, is it just me? or does coming in soaking wet from the rain…and then jumping into the shower…make you feel so warm?!?!?! i love it!


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