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okay…twice in one day…however, I’ve been feeling pretty blah about my career lately and have been surfing around to try and get my mind off of it…and I started reading cheyne‘s blog (actually Shy’s suggestion in a comment) which led me to this website, and so I decided to try out the Career portion…this is what the results were for which career suits me best …
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Online Games

I’ve been trying to get my mind off the current dramas in my life by participating in online games. Not so much the pogo or yahoo type games, which I would frequent a lot, but those where other people are also competing. I love the Mole, and got to play a few Mole online games, one of which I was the actual mole…loved it!…and the rest I was not, but one I managed to get into the final 3. I also play a lot of Hadley‘s games, they are in yahoo groups and require you to find a bit of trivia or complete a challenge…it’s quite fun. Check it out if you like those types of games…I’ll see you there.


I can’t believe how rude people have become. It seems that people are out only for themselves (and their family) and who cares about everyone else? Who cares about toes you may step on, feelings you may hurt, whom you push out of the way to get what you want? It makes me so sad to see how nasty people have become. 😦

I’ve worked with people on a face-to-face basis for a good 8 years and all I’ve seen is a decline in manners and empathy. It doesn’t matter how nice you try to be to them; in fact, it seems to irritate them even more, and they come back at you with even more bite. All I can think of as the next person goes off is, gee, what is going on in your life that makes you take it all out on me? And I start to wonder…

What is it now that has brought about a change in these people? Why is it getting worse each year? Especially when the people I see are well-established, beautiful home owners, good-paying jobs, and have “happy” families? I wouldn’t think they’d be as stressed as the people who are jobless, homeless, and wondering from where their next meal will be. But for some reason…I don’t know…it seems that the more money they have, the nastier they are.

And not all, I must say. I have a few who are still appreciative of the hard work I do and can emphatize a bit with situations. But I do notice, that that number of people are going way down, while those others have gone up. And you’d think it was the opposite–that complaints would come in more in my first year, than 8 years later. Am I getting worse? That’s why I keep thinking…I need to find a new career. As a co-worker told me, I need to develop a thicker skin…but actually, I’m just so disheartened at how people are now, more than I’m taking it personally.

But really, what kind of career can you have that doesn’t deal with people directly, where you’ll still have all this rudeness around? That’s why I think we need to change people’s attitudes and values…but how? We need to find the cause and work from there…but meanwhile…I’m going to be actively searching the classifieds…otherwise I think I’d enroll in some psychology course and figure out if not what’s the cause…how to help one get over it…

Song Contest

This was the first year I wasn’t really “rooting” for anyone; this is the first time I didn’t have a sibling or cousin in Song Contest, but I still decided to watch it anyway. For old time’s sake, I guess. I get a lot of flashbacks when watching this–remembering having to pull out the white mu’u and the tabis, the chaos in the exhibition hall before it starts, the waiting until the end, and then going out for tcby afterwards…it all seems like last year, though, as an alumni notice I just received reminded me, it’s been 15 years. Ack!

What has really changed are the “behind the scenes” things. They make it into such a big production. I don’t remember it being that elaborate…or that LONG…before. Even the Ho’ike is … I don’t know, feels like some Broadway production or something. Everything was a big simpler back then (oh I feel old). But you know what really makes me feel old? I watched the reactions of the winners, and thought OHMYGOSH. Seriously! Man, we were threatened with not being able to graduate if we had brought balloons or noisemakers or anything! I remember the year I was a junior, the seniors had brought balloons and confetti and beach balls…lots of stuff…so when we were seniors, we were threatened with anyone who goes out of control, will be held back from graduation. I remember being told the teachers would be sitting in the audience with the seating chart, and marking down whoever was “acting out” and that person would not be allowed to graduate. And sure enough, when we went to sit down, I remember seeing all of them right in the front row…Mrs. Scafuri, Mrs. Fell, Mrs. Aratani, Mrs. Powers…all sitting there, with something in their laps. And so although we did win (predictably…seniors always won back then), we were pretty well-behaved. So when I see them now…WOW. That’s all I can say. Then I start to feel bad. What do others think about that? Do they see Kamehameha as bad? They obviously didn’t get the whole “you represent Kamehameha” speech that we got every year. It’s just so…different. It really makes me feel like an old fut. Like, tsk tsk, look at how they act. When I was a student… *sigh*

Hmm, I wonder where they keep the balloons? Do they blow them up during Ho’ike?!?! I know we used to smuggle in snacks…we girls would masking-tape the snacks to our legs underneath our mu’u and as soon as the lights go out for Ho’ike, all you’d hear is crinkle-crinkle-crinkle, and then you’d smell the kakimochi wafting through the air. heh, good times.

Anyway, props to the Junior Men. I was very impressed, because He ‘Ono is a tough song, very fast with lots of words that take practice to have it be able to roll off your tongue like that…and I was very impressed with their singing, and I thought they rightly deserved the language award. And yah, Sophomores. Way to go. We were told that we should’ve won sophomore year (though I think everyone is told that…we did lose by only 3 points or something), and again junior year (and this one, I know we lost by only 1 point). So nice to see that it’s not always being “juice” and automatically going to seniors.

One of the things that I was disappointed with was “Ka Na’i Aupuni.” I love that song, but it didn’t come across strong…I don’t know if it’s because the sound was focused on Aunty Leila’s playing of the piano…or just that the students didn’t know the words, so it wasn’t sung as strong (and hey, I can relate. I remember on our mass songs, the Freshmen were always the loudest, because they had only one song to learn, their co-ed song, so they could focus on the other mass songs, whereas the other class had their co-ed song as well as their men/women’s song, so we would focus more on that than the mass songs). However, Ka Na’i Aupuni is such a great song about Kamehameha…and it’s actually quite an easy song (repeats a lot)…that I wish it came across stronger.

It was nice seeing Aunty Leila though…I still remember her “talks” with the class. I thought they were being way too kiss up to her though. And Lilinoe!!! I cannot believe you told her, to her face, at least we can do this “while you’re still alive”!!!! ack! Pehea kela?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Well, overall…I guess still entertaining, though I think at times it was a bit “too much”…too much of a production. But it did bring back a lot of memories. I especially love hearing I Mua Kamehameha…and the school song, without the screams (another thing we were scolded about…but I guess doesn’t make a difference now)…and wish I could’ve learned those other two songs, the Kamehameha Waltz and the Kamehameha March. It does sort of give you a sense of pride in your school, that I don’t see much in other schools. Which makes me wonder…how many non-alumni or people who have no relatives that go there, actually watch it?

Well, anyways…it is a great source of pride. Though I’m currently perturbed that they did not accept my child into kindergarten, even though she got scored 95 and 94…yet, a co-worker of mine, whose husband works at KS…their daughter, 2 weeks older than mine, got in, and she had scores in the 70s…hmmm…*grumbling*politics*grumbling*…I still feel loyalty and am proud to have attended. I mua, Kamehameha…ho’ike a’e ‘oe, ‘a’ohe lua ou…E ola mau, e Kamehameha.


You know, being a teacher…I pretty much hear it all. Lots of backstabbing, lots of teasing, lots of whining when you can’t get your way, and then crying to anyone who will listen until you do…all a part of a normal day. Rumors are spread maliciously, feelings are hurt needlessly, and bullies triumph over another trembling victim with their threats and lashings.

Would anyone be surprised that I am talking about the ADULTS, and not the children?!?!?!