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oh oh i just tried cutting my little boy’s hair with clippers…first time using them…and i just totally ruined his hair! ack!!!! oh my goodness. i feel so shame! he’s only 2 so he doesn’t care…but ack! i don’t even want to take him to a barber shop to get it fixed before they ask what happened?!?! heehee. ack. so much for saving a few $ and trying to do it myself…

gotta find some sites on how to cut hair…


Lazy Day

Wow, it’s been a long, long time since I had a day where I did absolutely nothing (not counting being sick). My son went out with his aunty, leaving me alone all day, to lounge about. It’s not like I had nothing to do. I had tons to do at home, for work, etc…but still. I did nothing. Nothing.

And you know what? It felt nice. Very lonely without my son…but nice to just lounge and take little naps. I hadn’t done it in a long time. And I think I need it with the horrible year I’ve been having. Course, only 2 more weeks until vacation where I can lounge around again…but I think I’m going to make it a productive vacation and get things done that I had always wanted to do, especially since my son’s older now. But I do know too I need to relieve the stress that’s built up these past 3 months so…hey, I started early 😉

Can’t afford to do that tomorrow though…but it was nice while it lasted. I should do it more often. heehee. :b


I guess I’m surrounded by bad news healthwise, so it’s really making me think about my own health and what awful diseases I may have. For the past few days, I’ve had headaches, which I haven’t had in a long time. I used to have them quite frequently, but when I was on Atkins 3 years ago (before all the big hubbub it’s creating now), all my headaches went away. However, since I guess I am eating more carbs now (hey, I’m always a rebel…now that it’s “in”, I refuse to be a part of it), the headaches have returned. Or…I keep thinking…tumors? Strokes? Cancer? Admittedly, all those things have popped up in friends and family in the past 2 weeks, so I guess it’s fresh on my mind, and I’m so self-absorbed I put their problems onto me. But I truly am scared. I guess the true test will be to go back on Atkins and see if the headaches go away. And if not, I can worry again about tumors and having strokes and all that lovely stuff again. 😦

Now Frasier

Frasier going now! I would’ve preferred him with Lilith, they were a great couple since back in Cheers. But it was a nice way to tie up things. Better than Friends, I think. Friends seemed a little forced. And I hated that ending with R&R. Bleah!

What will come up in the future? There’s Joey…and since he’s one of my favorites from Friends, I think I’ll tune in. But what to fill in the “smart” Frasier? hmmm. Most of the new comedies out are eye-rollers. I don’t think I laughed at any of these new shows. They need to bring back Whose Line Is It Anyway…that was a great, funny show. Or maybe bring back game shows and good reality shows…no Swan or anything stupid like that. Good kinds.

Or! Maybe I should just stop watching TV :)))))))))))))))))))))))

All the Friends Hype

I think I must be the only person around that doesn’t want Ross and Rachel to end up together! I really liked Rachel and Joey; I thought they were good together, and I was rooting for them! But again, they have to put Ross in the picture. *sigh* I really cheered out loud, when Rachel and Ross went on their “break” and the subsequent real break-up following the beachhouse. I hated her getting pregnant from Ross. I was hoping it was … oh what was his name, Trip? Or something? And then I was hoping she and Joey would marry. But they just couldn’t let that happen, huh? Not with all the fans rooting for Ross & Rachel. *sigh* I really don’t want to watch the finale, because I know that Ross & Rachel will end up together. You know. They want to go out with their fans not hating them, and they don’t want to leave that “hanging.” Plus I think David Schimmer already made a comment about appearing on Matt LeBlanc’s Joey sitcom, that he would like to make an appearance, but it would depend on whether Jennifer Aniston agreed, too, because they’d go as a couple. Grrrrr!!!! So I don’t want to watch that last one…but you know everyone else is going to be talking about it!!!! So I guess I will begrudgingly watch. I’ll be tuned in more to Survivor, I think.