All the Friends Hype

I think I must be the only person around that doesn’t want Ross and Rachel to end up together! I really liked Rachel and Joey; I thought they were good together, and I was rooting for them! But again, they have to put Ross in the picture. *sigh* I really cheered out loud, when Rachel and Ross went on their “break” and the subsequent real break-up following the beachhouse. I hated her getting pregnant from Ross. I was hoping it was … oh what was his name, Trip? Or something? And then I was hoping she and Joey would marry. But they just couldn’t let that happen, huh? Not with all the fans rooting for Ross & Rachel. *sigh* I really don’t want to watch the finale, because I know that Ross & Rachel will end up together. You know. They want to go out with their fans not hating them, and they don’t want to leave that “hanging.” Plus I think David Schimmer already made a comment about appearing on Matt LeBlanc’s Joey sitcom, that he would like to make an appearance, but it would depend on whether Jennifer Aniston agreed, too, because they’d go as a couple. Grrrrr!!!! So I don’t want to watch that last one…but you know everyone else is going to be talking about it!!!! So I guess I will begrudgingly watch. I’ll be tuned in more to Survivor, I think.


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