Now Frasier

Frasier going now! I would’ve preferred him with Lilith, they were a great couple since back in Cheers. But it was a nice way to tie up things. Better than Friends, I think. Friends seemed a little forced. And I hated that ending with R&R. Bleah!

What will come up in the future? There’s Joey…and since he’s one of my favorites from Friends, I think I’ll tune in. But what to fill in the “smart” Frasier? hmmm. Most of the new comedies out are eye-rollers. I don’t think I laughed at any of these new shows. They need to bring back Whose Line Is It Anyway…that was a great, funny show. Or maybe bring back game shows and good reality shows…no Swan or anything stupid like that. Good kinds.

Or! Maybe I should just stop watching TV :)))))))))))))))))))))))


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