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living in CHAOS

wow, it’s been a while…and funny, because i should be writing more since i have more time now, being on vacation. but i guess there’s a lot to do, not relating to work. like keeping up the housework. eeps. i’ve been working hard this past vacation to try and get it…to how it was last vacation. heh. i’m so bad. but i come home from work and just want to cry/crash. it takes days off for me to actually “work”.

also, i think i’m a bit confused too. this is a “blog” and i only just recently saw what the definition of a “blog”/weblog was…and what i’ve been doing here is more like an online journal. hrm. i know they’re used interchangeably, but i don’t want to make a-r people upset because it’s titled “liaBLOG” and it’s actually a journal. just cuz i know i’m like that…i get irritated when a word is used interchangeably with another word…when they don’t mean the same thing. hm. i can’t think of one off-hand…but i know i have some like that. hehe.

so anyway…i have to explore more about what a blog is and what it isn’t. i just didn’t want june to pass on by with only one entry 😛

oh…and here… 😉


pop culture

I am having fun playing a pop culture game online. It has all kinds of entertainment questions (movies, tv, music) from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I admit I know nothing about the 70s, but thought I’d do rather well with 80s and 90s, since I am an entertainment trivia junkie when it comes to those decades. How wrong I was! heehee. I have since found out that although I rocked with the music (and I guess that makes sense, I listened to music constantly in my teen years), I really am bad at movies! Well the first season is already coming to an end, but Season 2 is starting 🙂 Woohoo! Can’t wait. If you want to see what it’d be like, you can join the group and see the past messages to see what kinds of questions were asked and if you’d like it, too (you do need a Yahoo! i.d. to join, but they’re free). Then if you do like it, you can post your intention to play, or just unjoin yourself from the group if you don’t like it.

Click here to check it out.