This is a pretty scary time.

I’m not even talking about Halloween. I’m pretty afraid for the future. I just can’t see how people are saying “another 4 years” . . . why? It’s very sad.

First, my Joe Torre lost and those blasted Red Sox then end up winning the whole thing…blah.

Then UH lost 69 – 3!! My goodness. I had to laugh though for Tim Chang thinking he could beat Ty Detmer’s record…but only ended up getting the record for the most interceptions.

Hopefully the Wahine will keep doing good. But I probably just jinxed them!

I just hope it’s not “another 4 years”…I can’t believe people wanted to impeach Clinton for lying about adultery (which MANY men do…) … but for someone to lie about going to war, and wasting millions of $ in the process … people are still so gung-ho for that? I just don’t understand politics, I tell ya.


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