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As another year comes to an end, it’s time to think of those things that you make with good intentions, but soon forget. Or not forget, but decide not to listen to, as I always tell my kids 😉

One of the first things is that I need to keep the house clean continuously. Not only when I know company is coming. Helps when company drops by unexpectantly. I tried doing FlyLady, but I can’t figure it out? I didn’t get ANY mail at all from them, though I was promised weekly newsletters. So I don’t know about that. I think if I had that daily/weekly thing as a reminder, I’d do better. Of course, I’d look for anything to blame instead of my laziness 😉

I also need to get out more. I’ve really cooped myself up this year. I need to get out more, either alone or with others. Just a walk around the town would be good, I think. At least once a week, I should do that.

I also will try and write on here more often. I got this blog with the best of intentions to write to my heart’s desire. Now I feel like I’m just wasting Ryan’s space! Since he is so kind to give us blogs for free, I might as well make use of it. And I think it will be better for my overall mindset, just to get all the rantings and ravings out! I know I can’t do it to people’s faces, so I might as well let it go on here. That’ll help with my overall “soul”, whatever you call it.

And of course, all the other things…be good…kind…love family…etc. But I don’t think of it as a resolution, because that’s what you need to do EVERY DAY, regardless! not because of a new year…

Happy New Year 🙂 May it be filled with lots of joy.