It’s a nightly routine for me–every night at 10:00pm, ABC Family is on so I can watch Whose Line Is It Anyway? I feel like something’s wrong if their movie goes overtime and the 10:00 one is cancelled! Like something’s missing…

I love it because not only is it hilarious, but I love the relationship of the people on there–the way they treat each other, the way they play off each other. Ryan and Colin are just wonderful with each other, and I could watch clip shows of only them. I especially like it when Colin makes Ryan crack up. So funny!

I think that’s why I didn’t enjoy Green Screen as much. First of all, Ryan wasn’t there…but the others were used less because there were so many more players. I know that was a complaint of WLiiA that well there’s always Ryan & Colin & Wayne, that only leaves 1 different person, they should have more combinations, etc. But you don’t get to see the interactions as much, with more people I think. It’s just funny when they have been working all this time and having inside jokes and actually getting to “know” the contestants–Colin’s from Canada and is always teased for his baldness, for example.

And I don’t know why I’m so obsessed about them now. I still hope that Ryan and Colin are friends. I know it’s not something pressing, but I keep thinking, hmm I wonder if Ryan and Colin still talk to each other? Colin is touring with Brad…but does he see Ryan? And according to his website, he hasn’t heard from him in a while, but then again … Colin may just be joking around again.

I don’t know why I should care! But I do. I guess I like seeing them try hard to make each other laugh and trip each other up, you know they must be good friends, and I’d hate for that end. I do wonder about others as well, as I’ve mentioned before…is so and so married? Do they have any kids? Do they still talk to so and so? etc etc etc. I guess that’s why tabloids do so well.

I can’t wait until this goes on DVD, the full taping, uncensored, uncut… 🙂 I’d love to see all that was left out, whether it was because Ryan swore because he hated the hoedowns, or because of the Bush jokes that was supposedly left out because well…Bush. I know they say most tapings are like 3 hours? and from that they get a 1/2 hour show? Imagine how much they don’t show! I hope they come out with a DVD soon! And not just the same 30 min episodes that you can see on ABC Family. But the whole thing.

They’ll probably start with the British WLiiA first though…which I don’t mind, I remember watching it long before Drew’s WLiiA came on. And Ryan & Colin were on that as well 🙂 along with Brad, Wayne, Chip, Greg…but you also got Josie and Tony and Stephen and of course Clive. I prefer to Clive to Drew, actually. But I hope something comes out soon. I’d love to have a DVD and see all the deleted scenes, or at least just have it handy when I’m in the mood of hearing the Irish Drinking Song…



  1. Bigg Said:

    The Irish Drinking Song is the delight of life, especially when Colin does the last line:

    “He’ll put the stone back in my end.”

    “I’ll redecorate, I’m gay!”

    “You can get poo from food!”


    or last night …

    “He had a nice bone.”

  2. lia Said:

    yes, i LOVE the Irish Drinking Song, and even though Colin once commented that he shouldn’t be the last one, i’m glad he is…he cracks me up. and i love it when the others are cracking up so bad that they can’t even finish the song and only Colin’s left singing “di-dee-diiiiiiii” by himself. hee!

    love the “poo from ‘fud'” one! and yeah, i think that’s the first time i saw the “bone” one heehee and his sheepishly saying “that’s not what i meant to say…” hee, gosh he makes me laugh so much.

    thanks for your comments!

  3. Diana Said:

    Hi Lia,
    I surfed by your site while searching for Ryan and Colin’s information. I have the same thoughts as you do! Colin is soooooooooooo cute! and Ryan too! I love it when they are paired up on the games. By the way, they are good friends I’m sure of that, as to whether they still keep in contact, friendships like that will definately last so don’t worry! 🙂
    Take care!

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