i almost cannot believe this story…though i guess i could, seeing the way the justice system works. people like nicole simpson’s and bonnie bakeley’s husbands can abuse as much as they like, and even kill, and walk off scotfree.

i usually start off looking up something, find something interesting that leads me elsewhere, then another interesting thing…and i can go on like this for hours. well today, after hearing something about debby boone on entertainment tonight that i didn’t know about, led me to check Internet Movie Database (where I look to find out all the info on stars), and through reading the trivia, i got to Miguel Ferrer…and then Dominique Dunne. remembering her from Poltergeist, i decided to look her up. well after searching through pages on the web…i found her biography on The Dominique Dunne Site. my gosh. he is blaming her for her death? well if she had only forgiven me, i wouldn’t have gone and killed her. she provoked it. she should’ve just taken me back. MY GOSH. after he had already slammed in the ground on 2 previous occastions, that when playing an abused child on Hill Street Blues she didn’t need any makeup, because those were real bruises? eeesh…you can see a screenshot from that show too on that site and you just think…man. and it was her fault for not taking him back after she ran from him when he abused her.

what’s worse is he only spent 2 1/2 years in jail for killing her. even though he confessed and showed no remorse for her death (only worried about him having to go to jail now)…he’s out and still making $$$ as a head chef. he changed his name and everything. how SAD. you see things on Law and Order but at least you have the relief of knowing…even though it may be “ripped from the headlines”, it is fictional. i almost wish they could have made jack mccoy try him. and have this have a happy ending.

to me, if you take someone’s life…unless in self-defense, and you couldn’t say this here, with the 100lb Dominique and the 200lb killer boyfriend…you should have to pay for that pain and suffering you inflicted on the family by offering up your own life. if you just have no regard for human life…why keep being around? why be let out free and “spread your seed” and have more little criminals being born? although i know it’s scary just to make a blanket statement where there could be exceptions, but why make it so easy for people to get off free, when they even confess? if people can get out in 3 years because they killed in the “heat of passion”…but we had a law where you kill, be killed…wouldn’t you see a LOT more people out there who would think twice before escalating into the “heat of passion”?

of course, watch just because i’ve gone and voiced it, something is going to happen. i do realize there are exceptions, but that should be just that, exceptions…not make the law so loose that these exceptions can be included, but in the meantime, allow in all these other crazies using defenses as well it’s her fault for not taking me back. sigh.

makes you worry about mankind a bit…


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