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restless legs?

I’m having a hard time sleeping lately because I constantly feel like running around. My legs just have that restless feeling that can only be soothed by moving them. It’s keeping me from going to sleep at decent hours–I finally collapse from exhaustion at about 6am in the morning. Thank goodness I’m on vacation now.

I tried looking it up on Google to see what’s wrong with me and I found several sites for RLS, Restless Legs Syndrome. Seems like there’s no cure (darn) and it’s lifelong (ack!) but there are support groups out there. I guess a lot of people suffer from it.

Anyway, anyone else that would need that sort of info…
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

The thing is, I feel sooo sleepy, yet cannot go to sleep! When I finally do drift off, I’m up 15 minutes later, because my legs need to move. I think the only reason I get to sleep is that I’m just too darn tired after all night moving around that the sleepiness overcomes the prickly feelings of the legs. Plus, I think I read the feeling starts in the evening, and ends in the mornings. sigh. I hope this eases up by the time I have to go back to work. So much for relaxing!