The things you find on the internet!

I was looking for something to put on the blog that was “fun” like the Battle Cry thing so I decided to search on Google. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what to search for. What do you call it? I typed in fun blog things and of course, got a bunch of sex sites. I tried fun blog programs and didn’t get much either. I decided to drop the “fun” but then I got a whole bunch of stuff that didn’t pertain. So I decided to search by “paste into your blog” since that was the instruction to the Battle Cry one.

Lots of stuff came up and there was one thing called “GoMeme“. It was a social thing about minding the planet that people wanted to pass on through their blogs, “an experimentation in meme propagation”. I had no idea what a “meme” was. So I typed in meme at Wikipedia.org.

From there, I found …

In casual use, the term meme often refers to any piece of information passed from one mind to another. This usage more closely resembles the analogy of “language as a virus” than Dawkins’ analogy of memes as replicating units. This definition has come into popular use on the Internet to refer to phenomena such as Obey Giant, “All your base are belong to us”, Blogebrity and Icy Hot Stuntaz.

(Click on the link to find the whole definition, and even the origin)

So I wanted to check out the other “memes”. I had never heard of Obey Giant but it seems to come up in various movies or TV…I must’ve missed it, I’m not that observant and can never see all the movie mistakes some can point out (I love visiting that site, but that’s another entry…)

The next one was weird. All Your Base Are Belong To Us (AYBABTU) is an “internet phenomenon” from 2001. What? How did I miss that?! I’ve been glued to the internet since 1993, when I first got addicted to MUDs. I was definitely always on the internet in 2001 because that’s the year I was pregnant and was constantly surfing to find out answers to all my questions. How did I miss the AYBABTU? (It said Icy Hot Stuntaz was also out in 2001, but I never heard of them, either! Where was I?)

AYBABTU is a phrase that people put into pictures to make it seem like a part of the picture…like a street sign or protestors…you’ll always find that phrase somewhere in the picture, either subtly hidden, or plainly obvious. (er…are those redundant? I need to go study English again!). You can see examples at this site, where you can see a Flash animation on it. I have to say though…the song is creepy because it sticks into my head. Even after watching that and going to DLS to get a blood test, I still heard that song in my mind, over and over … “All your base … are belong to us” over and over … aaaahh! Thought I was going crazy. I expected to find the words on the posters on the wall or even the needle itself…

Seriously though, how did I miss it? I must’ve not been hanging out in the right forums! 😉 But it’s weird where the internet takes you as you surf through this link and that…you find some bizarre stuff that soon infiltrates your brain and never wants to leave!!!

[robotic voice] All your base… [/robotic voice]


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