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I was looking through Apple’s download pages because I’m totally addicted to Diner Dash and was looking for similar games, or another one to download since I already expired my trial version (I do plan to buy it, but when I get enough $, and I can’t seem to wait until then, I got so addicted to it!). I came across a Freeware (yay!) program for Hanafuda (or as they call it, Koikoi).

I loved playing Hanafuda. I remember it being called Sakura by others, but we used to call it Hanafuda. My mom bought us the little black “cards” though they were more like tiles. We used to play for hours! I never knew the yaku…we always had to ask my mom, “Is this a yaku? Do we get 40 points?” heehee. The only ones I knew for sure were the 3 ribbons with the writing on it was one…and the 3 blue ribbons were another…and there was something about the golden animals, but I could never remember which golden animals…the deer, the boar, and…? the cranes? the butterflies? I also know the 20pt ones made a yaku of some kind, but I don’t remember what they were. We would always strive to get the Sakura card or the Full Moon card. Oh, and the Crane with the Cactus. My mom’s favorite card was the Gagi, but I forgot what it was for…thief card or something?

Anyway, so I saw Koikoi and decided to play it, and I am hooked. Looking at the cards just remind me so much of childhood days…usually late weekend afternoons, when we’d play Hanafuda with my mom. Once in a while, when we’d go to Grandma’s for Sunday dinner, we’d play Sakura, as she called it, with all the cousins. Good memories! Especially when you had no idea what you were doing, just as long as you got pairs…then at the end, when looking over the card to see who won, someone would say, “Oh, you got the aotan yaku!” and I’d be like, “I do?!?!” heeheheehee. Fun times.

The other day we decided to “pass on the tradition” and we taught my nephew and niece how to play Hanafuda. My niece didn’t really catch on…she’s a bit young yet, but my nephew got hooked, and asked my grandma for a Hanafuda set for his birthday. She could not find a set, so she called me and my sister to be on a lookout for a set. I went to Longs, figuring they’d have…they didn’t! I was surprised. I’ll have to check Daiei next. But my nephew reminds me of us when we were younger…no idea for the goal you’re striving for because you don’t know the yaku…yet still having fun making pairs and winning them!

With the Koikoi game, there was a manual that has the yaku in it! When we were playing with my nephew, my mom forgot most of the yaku too, it’s been that long since we’ve played it. But now I can show her this. And I can study up too! When it comes time for my son to be taught this game…I can be the one who looks out for his yaku at the end of the game, while he has the fun of matching up his pairs 🙂
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