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No Brainer

I get so addicted to games, it’s scary.

My newest addiction…No Brainer. I was playing it all night until I found myself falling asleep!

I finally bought Diner Dash and have been playing it over and over, even though I’ve passed it twice! I also found a new one, Roller Rush which is very similar…also Betty’s Beer Bar and by the same makers, Wild West Wendy. There are more I want to try, like Pizza Frenzy…sadly, it’s for PCs only (boooooooo!!!).

And if anyone knows of any more trivia type of games, let me know! All the ones I belonged to at Yahoo! Groups are done already, with no plans of making new ones. I used to love Mole type games too, but I guess since that show is no longer on, no one is hosting those type of games any more. 😦 Sad. Those were fun. Anyway, if you see any type of trivia, mystery type of games out there…let me know!