Oh. My. Goodness.

after hearing the freshmen class singing “I Ku’u Wa Li’ili’i” during song contest, i went to google to try and find the lyrics on it, because though i remember dancing hula to it, i couldn’t figure out what one of the words was. i couldn’t find any lyrics for it online.

that has happened several times, whenever i heard a hawaiian song, tried to google it, and found nothing. so i decided, maybe i should try and start a hawaiian lyrics website. with my background in the ‘olelo and in hula, i thought it would be a nice resource for anyone who needed to find a word in a song, or can’t think of a title of a song, but know a few key phrases… i mean, i do that all the time for english songs! why not a hawaiian one?

so i went through all the web domain hosting sites and finally settled on godaddy.com … and just as i was going to hit “submit” on my order for a domain for hawaiian song lyrics… i thought, hey i better check, just in case song lyrics are copyrighted or something.

good thing i did before i submitted! MAN.

you can be thrown in jail for publishing song lyrics? but there are so many english song lyrics sites out there!!!! i can’t believe it. so i stopped the godaddy.com process. i don’t want to get sued…can’t afford that at all! but that sucks because the next time someone is humming along a hawaiian song and mangling all the words … they won’t ever know that they’re not correct because they can’t look it up themselves on google! aiyiyi.

i understand it’s like posting someone’s poem online … but i mean, you usually give credit to the poet right? i’d think that you can publish the song lyrics with the haku mele‘s credit, but still cannot! that’s still a copyright infringement! wow, all those times i’d listen to my madonna songs over and over and over so that i could write down every single word so that me and my friends could read and sing it…we were in copyright violation! aiya! how’s that?!?!

this world is kinda sad nowadays.

update: i found huapala.org — i was going to name my domain huamele! 🙂 close! anyway, i’ve visited huapala.org before, but i guess i forgot about it when it didn’t show up at all for the lena machado songs i was googling after song contest … but i also noticed they have a blurb on the site about … if you’re the haku mele and you don’t want your song listed, then email to get it removed. what happens when ua hala ka haku mele? this legal stuff is fascinating, even though it’s annoying.



  1. jcp Said:

    so how do i find these lyrics? akahi no au a lohe i na leo o na haumana ma ka hookuku mele, pii aela ko’u hoihoi no ia mau mele. aka nae, aole loaa ma Huapala, no laila, he ka’u e hana ai? mahalo

  2. lia Said:

    ‘o ia ko’u ninau no ho’i. ua huli au aka ‘a’ole i loa’a. mana’o au hiki ke noi ia huapala ina ke huli nei ‘oe i kekahi mele, aka ‘a’ole maopopo ia’u ina e loa’a ana. a ke no’ono’o nei au ‘a’ole paha makemake ko Lena ‘ohana e ho’opuka i na hua’olelo? no ka mea ‘a’ole hiki ke loa’a ma kahi ‘e! ‘o ia paha kekahi kumu. aka, ina hiki…kokua paha ‘o huapala.org? ‘a’ole maopopo ia’u. e kala mai.

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