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It seems like everything is a blog nowadays! Even TV Guide‘s site has changed formats so that it’s worked like a blog, where you can leave comments to the writers’ columns. Even the Entertainment News, which used to just be short paragraphs on one page about daily entertainment stuff, now is in a blog format. It takes a while to get used to, but I kinda like how the writers can sound more “personal,” showing a lot more voice, than the normal reporting. I think even KITV’s morning show has their own blog…lets us see the more personal side of people–their values and opinions in their voice–than we usually see, and I like that.

But gosh, whatever happened to regular websites? I have HawaiianTel’s DSL service which was recently switched over from Verizon. Now, at Verizon, I had a spiffy site, if I do say so myself 😉 filled with animations and pictures (though not over done like MySpace…simple but still neat). So when we were transferring over, I downloaded my site on March 31 and expected to be able to upload it on April 1 to my new HawaiianTel site.

No dice. Well, first of all, the web site portion of HawaiianTel was not ready until April 8. Then when I went on, I couldn’t figure out how to upload my old page–I could find no details about where I’d upload to, what the address would be, what my new login even would be…nothing. I checked back a week later, and saw that it’s now up, but it’s in blog format. I can’t use my old pages I created, I have to just do the regular blog format. Which is fine…if I didn’t already have one. I want a site where I can put up pictures for my family on the mainland to see (which, yes, you can do that through a blog, but it won’t be formatted the way I want it to be), where I could play around with the animations and the text. Again, I’m sure it could still be done, the way all these tags and things come up for MySpace or LiveJournal people. But still…I don’t think I care for the show-day-by-day entries that a blog has. I’d rather design my own site…I miss being creative once it got sucked out of my job. Now I can’t even do it with my own personal site, which is a bummer. Well, I’m sure there’s a way around it…just gotta play around and find it, I suppose.

It’s just interesting how the formats are changing. I guess you really don’t need any programming knowledge to do a blog, which is why you see it more often now. I just miss being able to mess around with a site and get it to my liking, whether it’s having the menu at the top, frames or not, templates…ah well. Again, I’m sure it’s possible on a blog…but as you can see, I haven’t figured it out at all on this one 😉 compared to the other cool ones out there on HawaiiStories.

Well, one more project for the summer…