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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

hee, reminds me of Little Bunny Foo Foo…

anyway, i got 22 inches of my hair lopped off today, so it could be donated to Locks of Love. which is fine. i’ve been wanting to cut my hair for a while now, since i got paranoid that my hair is falling out because of all the weight of my hair. but you don’t really realize how much you miss something until it’s gone.

the first thing i did after getting my hair cut was pull it back into a ponytail. instead of putting the rubberband around my hair and pulling and pulling and pulling until all the hair got out, one tug and it was the end of my hair already! wah! i couldn’t believe it. i don’t even think i have enough to make a braid!

the next thing i noticed was someone called my name, and i turned my head, and whack! my hair hit me in the face! pbbttt! i’m used to my hair just hanging there, not feeling so light that it swings around when my head jerks to the side!!!

of course there’s the brushing as well. i imagine shampooing will be different, and i hope my hair dries faster. and hopefully there’ll be no one touching my hair any more! random people would come up and stroke my hair saying how soft and lovely it was. well now it’s short so hopefully that’ll keep stray hands away.

as i went to turn in my hair, i felt like i was handing over my arm or something! it just felt like such a big part of me, and here i was, handing it over. i mean it’s for a good cause. i hope. if i find out they just toss it out or use it as stuffing for something, i’ll be mad! but it’s for the kids, so that’s fine.

and it’s not like i never cut my hair before. i’ve always had it long since i was a child, i think my mother hadn’t cut my hair until i was 4 years old, ready to go to school. i kept it long until 8th grade when i decided to chop it short so i could get it styled in that typical 80s layered look that almost everyone was rocking. but wow, all the comments i got after cutting my hair! people were upset with me! i couldn’t believe that even teachers gave me disappointed shakes of their heads, asking me why i would do such a thing. boys (and a few girls too) were telling me that i now looked ugly since i cut my hair. no one really liked my new hair cut, except my mom, who i think was just tired of sweeping up all my hair on the floor or digging it out of the drain. everyone else was very vocal in letting me know their disapproval of cutting my hair.

i let it grow out again because of that, and also because i got very involved in hula around then as well. i cut it again just before my senior year, just in time for senior pictures…but not as short as i had it before. it only went halfway down my back, and i kept a “tail” so i could see how long my hair had been before. i had to always hide the tail though during hula! but i know i had that tail for quite a while, way into college, when i finally snipped it the same length as the rest of my hair, and it’s stored away in my musicbox somewhere…

just about the time i graduated from college and started grad school, i did a “half-cut”. bottom half my head’s hair was cut to my shoulders, top half was left long. so if i pulled back the top half, and put it in a bun, and left the rest of my hair down, it’d look like i had short hair, but if i left all my hair down, it looked like i had long hair. just something i did to change styles. i liked showing up one day with short hair, and then long hair the next day, and then back to short the next. like having my own extensions 😉

by the time i graduated from grad school, i cut it so it was all level…all about midback, again. i didn’t cut it again until i had my son, which i know is what hawaiian women would do–leave their hair long until they had children, then they cut it short. i didn’t do it because of that, really…more because it was getting in the way of my baby, especially when feeding or carrying him. so i cut it to shoulder length and had it layered, and surprisingly, this time, people commented nicely about my hair, even when i returned to school 2 months later. no more mean comments, just praise. phew.

since then, every summer i had it trimmed, except the past 2. and now–snip! it’s not as short as it was back when i was in 8th grade, but it’s the shortest i’ve had it in a while. hopefully it’ll grow out a little by the time school starts, and i think by the end of the school year, it’ll be midback again (unless i just jinxed myself!). until then, i can’t stop playing with my hair, where i used to could twirl it around my fingers, now it flicks out of my fingers so quickly!

whoever ends up with my hair, i hope it helps to fulfill your wish and makes your life just a little bit happier. i’m working on my next donation, hopefully in 2 years!
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