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ransom my heart

just playing my itunes and listening to the lyrics and writing what i’m thinking…

you said, oh girl, it’s a cold world, when you keep it all to yourself
I said you can’t hide on the inside all the pain you’ve ever felt

heh, i always thought it was “hands on my heart, baby don’t look back” heehee! but as i listen to the lyrics, i keep thinking how the heck did they get a music video about planes and stealing plans or something…?! i just remember them sneaking around and wearing those pilot clothes that look to be around the 20s? 40s? and they’re sneaking around and there’s this general guy by this big map and they’re plotting things out and then he gets mad and hits the table and blows up the building.

you know that sometimes, it feels like it’s all moving way too fast
use every alibi and words you deny that love ain’t meant to last
you can cry tough baby, it’s all right
you can let me down easy, but not tonight

such a good love song and they turned it into a war thing? *shakes head* i think i’d even prefer seeing a concert version of this song. they turned all her songs into big dramas though huh? like love is a battlefield…i still cannot hear that song without the “leave me alone!” screamed right in the middle of the verse. i remember her being interviewed about that dance sequence and she said she hated it because she never had to dance in like a synchronized group dance sorta thing. i understand they were trying to make a story in the video, but some of them were really pushing it…

oh yeah, and for this part…

and now the hands of time are standing still,
midnight angel, won’t you say you will?

…wasn’t the plane revealed to be named “midnight angel”? gag. they could’ve done so much more than to make a secret spy kind of thingie movie that has nothing to do with the grab-my-hand-and-don’t-look-back theme. or maybe i’m wrong about that.

step inside, walk this way,
you and me babe, hey hey!

it’s been a while since i heard this song…i was probably too young to understand what this song was about when it came out (well, young in those days). i’m sure nowadays, youngsters know exactly what is being talked about, even those in intermediate. *sigh*

mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love
sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up
you gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little, tease a little more
easy operator come a knockin’ on my door
sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
little miss innocent sugar me, yeah

if i remember correctly, this was a concert video–i’m glad they didn’t turn it into a bakery with people trying to figure out how to steal the recipe for the world-famous chocolate pudding pie or something.

oh, yum. i wish i hadn’t thought of chocolate pudding pie.

oh coming up next is my favorite part to lipsynch in this song…

do you take sugar? one lump or two?

…complete with falling to your knees as you anguishly scream that line…then you fall over…then come up slowly doing the repeat parts…

yes, i watched too much mtv when i was younger. i would still, today, if they would actually show any videos. 😉

for all the lonely, lonely people
for all the lonely, lonely hearts
for all the people who needs people
here is a chance to make a new start

these are actually the only lyrics i can understand! but it’s got such a jamming beat. was actually introduced to this song through na waiho’olu’u but prefer jimmy cliff’s version. his sounds so happy.

ride, cowboy, ride
through the backdoor to heaven,
to the other side,
i wanna know the danger of a kiss at midnight
ride, cowboy, ride…

short song that i think was just a filler between songs on new jersey, but i always liked it. 🙂 it fit nicely between wild is the wind and stick to your guns, whose first line was the almost-last-line of this song…

so you wanna be a cowboy…

i didn’t realize bon jovi was so cowboyish back then. i mean, i know jon always talked about “richie and his cowboy thing” but wow, they really did work it into almost every song…

one, two princes kneel before you, that’s what i said now
princes, princes who adore you, just go ahead now
one has diamonds in his pockets, that’s some bread now
this one he wants to buy you rockets, ain’t in his head now
marry him your father will condone you, how ’bout that now
marry me your father will disown you, he’ll eat his hat now

this song is way too fast to type it all out, i had to pause it hehe. but i remember not really knowing this song until i saw it on sesame street. i was watching it (with my nephew!!! i had an excuse ;)) and the singer came on and sang this to zoe, who was the “princess”, and … i forgot who the suitors were, telly and cookie monster? i can’t remember. but it was so cute! and i thought, wow, this guy would actually go and change his song into a kiddie version and sing it with a bunch of muppets…and not be shame?! so i had to get the cd and check him out 🙂

aww marry him or marry me
i’m the one that loves you baby can’t you see
ain’t got no future or a family tree
but i know what a prince and lover ought to be
i know what a prince and lover ought to be…

gosh i wish i could find that zoe version. i know it was cute, but i can’t remember what was actually said. but this song reminds me, as i look at the lyrics, of that song … i can’t think of the exact lyrics so nothing’s coming up on google … but something about do you stay with the one whom you love or do you choose the one who loves you. sadly, i’ve never had to make that choice. 😦

you’re beautiful, and that’s for sure
you’ll never ever fade
you’re lovely, but it’s not for sure
that i won’t ever change

another song where i was introduced to it locally…i don’t know her name, but she was singing it on da braddahs. when i heard the original, i thought it was very nasally and not as good as the one i heard on tv, but since i didn’t know her name, i couldn’t get her version of it, so i just got the original one. it’s still a nice song 🙂

your faith in me brings me to tears
even after all these years
and it pains me so much to tell
that you don’t know me that well

i think it was played on dancing with the stars recently. i really want to take up some sort of dancing. after dancing hula for many years, plus all those street dancing classes when i was in high school and college…i really miss dancing. but i feel too old to join any dance classes. i’m in my mid-30s and wanting to join a salsa class? people’d just laugh. i suppose i’d be able to still do hula, but still. i wish i could do a latin dance class or something. that’d be cool.

oh no. sad song.

he tears you down darlin’, says you’re nothing at all
but i’ll be there for you darlin’, when he lets you fall
you’re like a diamond, but he treats you like glass
yet you beg him to love you, with me you don’t ask

this always seems to be so true. you like someone, but he’s with someone who treats him badly yet he continues to be mistreated. i know the song’s about a woman, and it mostly happens to women. but i’ve seen people around me whose wives/girlfriends are just horrible to the men, whether those men are my cousins or friends…yet they allow their s.o.s to be like that to them. so sad. i even see on tv shows where the guy is standing there meekly while the woman is going off and i’m thinking, wow. *i* would never treat you that way, yet, i’m the one sitting here lonely, while he is married to this harpy. i don’t understand life sometimes. well, all the time.

life is so crazy, and love is unkind
because he came first darlin’, will he hang on your mind?
you’re a part of me, and you don’t even know it
i’m what you need, but i’m too afraid to show it

i just love the way he sings it too. he has such anguish in his voice. like he really meant it. i wonder if that’s why he’s into men now? nah, i got that vibe from him even before. but the song has such feeling that you can’t help getting all riled up inside. i think even if you can’t relate, it’ll pull at your heart strings.

okay one last song before this gets too long.

ooh! haven’t heard this song in a while.

i think it’s so groovy now that people are finally getting together
i think it’s wonderful to know that people are finally getting together

first heard this song on mmc…my sisters and i copied the routine 🙂 i only remember bits and pieces of it … but, ah, those were the days.

no more prejudice, no more hatred,
no more fighting, no more people dying,
cuz it don’t make no sense
we need a little more intellligence
you gotta fine tune your mind sometimes
…and get together

okay i think that’s a good note to finish with 🙂 then i won’t go to bed all depressed, especially since tomorrow it’s back to work. *sigh* whoops. too late.