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ack! i didn’t know there was a NaBloPoMo. i think that would’ve been fun to do. i know i wouldn’t be able to do nanowrimo (or maybe i can, i do tend to be wordy) but i think i could’ve handled nablopomo. of course, i say that all the time, that i’ll post more, but i never do! well, nablopomo would’ve forced me to post more. well, one can’t force me. knowing me, i’d probably rebel anyway 😛 but how fun would that be. and i would’ve tried to challenge myself by writing here, instead of here. writing there would’ve been easy–easy to find memes to find out and write about every day. but to actually write meaningful posts…that’s hard. but it would’ve been fun to try. there’s even a book out with 100 ideas to blog about, called No One Cares What You Had For Lunch. 😉

oh well, maybe next year 😀