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only in my dreams

a crowd had gathered at the campus center. there was excited buzz all about. i stood by the bookstore, peeking out at everyone sitting on the stairs. i saw some familiar faces there, people from high school. oh great, i thought. why’d they have to be here?

i looked back nervously at my friends. they weren’t paying any attention; instead they were sipping water, touching up their makeup, stretching out their limbs. i sigh and peek back out at the audience. i bite my bottom lip and go over the dance motions in my head.

the opening notes start booming out, and someone announces us. suddenly, i forget everything! wait, am i first? when do i go out? what dance are we doing first? WAIT!

i take a deep breath as i feel someone nudging me out behind. i grab the microphone, flip it on, and come out from the bookstore, in front of the audience, and start in on my song tentatively…but get stronger as the song goes on. i get into my place in line and do my dance moves. the crowd is politely clapping, as i see the confused look on my classmates’ faces–is that…? can’t be?

but i still dance and sing. by the end, we’ve got people clapping along, we’ve pulled people up to dance with us, we get a good response. after our set, we thank the audience for their support and mention that our next stop was … oprah! wish us luck!

yeah. right. of course it’s a daydream 😛 but it’s one i would play over and over and over again on the 45 minute bus ride from the university to my home (i didn’t do it on the way to, because i was usually doing my reading for a class!). i’d put my walkman on and play my tape and pretend i was the singer of the songs. i knew every dance move in my mind, every word, every note. and i was in tune 😛

one of the gifts i got for christmas this year was a karaoke “machine.” it’s actually a microphone but has all the songs programmed in it. hook it up to the tv, and sing over 200 songs. at first i thought, yeah, right. me? sing? that is to laugh! my sister, who also got the same gift, laughed at it, too, but her children plugged it in to their tv and had a ball! it looked fun…but watching them sing all off-key and off-beat was what made it fun. and they were kids. it’s not fun when an adult does it!

but curiosity got the best of me, and i decided i would try it, in the privacy of my home, with no one around. my boy was with his grandma, so i thought i was safe. i plugged it in and turned on the tv, and there it was. i decided to try “only in my dreams” by debbie gibson. the first few beats already got me bopping, and i was transported back to when i was a teen. i started dancing along as i sang, tentatively at first, but getting stronger as the song went on. i even ended up standing on my bed, singing along! how did that happen?

after each performance, they give you a score. i scored an 85!!! i was shocked, because my sister’s children didn’t get more than 50. so of course, i had to try another one. i decided to try a ballad that i knew i couldn’t sing on key: “i still believe” by mariah carey (though i think brenda starr sang it before she did, right?). i started stronger this time, and really got into it. i think i even had tears running down my face! heehee. i ended up with a 92!!! they even gave me an ovation! WOW! and i was SO off-key. i guess i had the timing of the words down correctly, and that was all that mattered.

there was no stopping me after that! i went through all the songs i knew–“underneath it all,” “that way,” even “who let the dogs out”! i felt sorry for my neighbors–they must’ve heard the wailing and thought what the heck?! but i had so much fun. i got confident and tackled hard songs like christina aguilera’s “reflection.” i even started mimicking dance moves as i did “escapade” and “hit me baby one more time.” soooo fun! i even did “too funky” with that jerking of the hips the supermodels did as they walked down the catwalk. i am just so glad that there was no one around to see me!!!!! 😛

i’ll probably get tired of it after a while, but for now, i’m having fun with it. i’ve even got the courage up to sing in front of the boy! eeps! but then he took the microphone and sang a song and scored 95! what a humbling experience! heehee. still, we have fun. and i get to relive my dreams of being in a band! 😛 *bowing* yippee!

now excuse me while i go back to the microphone 😉

“if there’s one spark of hope left in my grasp, i’ll hold it with both hands /
it’s worth the risk of burning to have a second chance /
i still believe … “