not the best, buy and by

i only had 2 questions. just 2. i expected to get the answers to them, and then walk out, not taking more than 10 minutes of my already precious vacation time. 😛

i had only been to Best Buy a few times, always with my sister. every time we’ve gone, we were always approached by many workers, asking if we needed help or had any questions. they always seemed to be around.

yesterday my sister had a dentist appointment, but had some errands to be done, and wasn’t sure she’d be up to doing them after her appointment. i volunteered to do them, because, hey, i can. i’m on vacation 😀 yay! i dropped her off at the dentist office, then went about doing things like visiting the post office and dropping off things for a friend. the last stop was to go to Best Buy to inquire about a router she had purchased the day before that had a “missing module” and to get a video game that was coming out that day. i drove over, and my son and i walked in, thinking we’d be fast, then we’d get to stop for lunch after all we had done (it was already past noon). i walked over to the video games, but the game wasn’t there. so i walked over to the routers. there were two workers standing around, so i went straight to the router my sister had purchased, picked it up, and walked over to them so i could ask a question about the “missing module” of that specific router. before i got there, someone came and started talking to one of them. the other turned and left. so i stood there and waited for that first person to be done. however, that woman was complaining really loudly (and when she later mentioned where she was from, i thought, no wonder. yes. i’m still bitter!) and i actually felt bad for that worker. so i decided to look for the other worker that was talking to him earlier. i found him at the end of an aisle, but again, someone approached him just ahead of me, and he walked away with her. *sigh*

so i walked back to where the first worker was, and his disgruntled customer left, and he looked me in the eye. i smiled sympathetically at him, and then held up the box i was holding and started to open my mouth to ask the question, when he turned away and walked off. i called out, “excuse me!” after him, but he kept walking. fine, i thought. he needed a break after that last customer. so i waited around the geek squad desk.

and waited. and waited. several workers came up, but as soon as i stepped toward them and said, “excuse me,” they turned and walked away. that happened a total of 5 times. i wondered if i was not saying “excuse me” loud enough? several of them made eye contact with me, but then would just turn and walk away. i was like, geez.

we waited for 35 minutes, before i decided just to wait in line at the customer service desk. someone was going to help me, right? but the person in front of me at the desk was up there a loooooong time. and it didn’t seem like the worker at the desk was hurrying along, either, just calmly typing things into the computer. the two didn’t even seem to be talking; she just waiting, he just typing. my son was getting restless and was complaining he was hungry. i kept telling him we’d go get lunch as soon as they helped us. i only had one question about a router, and one question about the game. that was all. it shouldn’t take that long, right?

25 minutes later, we were still in line, that lady still at the desk, that worker still typing on the computer. he didn’t even acknowledge me in line. i finally realized i’d been at the store for an hour. i got out of line and went to search for a worker, any worker!

i went back to the video game section, and there was a worker, beeping in things with a scanner she was holding. i approached her and said, “excuse me.” she looked up at me and turned and walked away, scanner still in hand. uhh?

i followed her down the aisle, and she turned up the next aisle and kept walking. i thought, gee, you want me to chase you? so i stopped. she turned back down the aisle she was originally in and continued to beep in things. i looked at my son and asked him if i looked scary or something? i went back down the aisle and again, she left, before i could even open my mouth. FINE.

i walked back to the router place. there was a worker there, straightening up the boxes on the shelf. i walked up to him, and i was still holding the box in my hand, and so i held it up and said, “excuse me, i had a quest…” but didn’t get to finish it because he too high-tailed it out of there. i was like, what is going on?!??!?!

frustrated, i slammed the box back on the shelf, and told my son, “let’s GO.” i know that every time i’ve left Best Buy, the greeter person would always ask if we found everything we need, and thank us for coming to the store. i was set to tell him when he asked if we found everything, “no, i couldn’t find anyone to help me!” i walked to the exit, passing by the customer service desk, with the same woman waiting and the same worker still there typing. what the heck was he helping her with?!?!

i got to the exit, and the greeter looked at me, but no smile, or anything. he too turned away and started to fix the flyers that were on the table. i actually stood there for a few seconds, waiting, but he pretended the flyers were more important. *sigh* i told my son, “let’s just go.” we left, without doing anything that my sister had wanted done there, and went to lunch.

what was it? i had no idea. i was dressed fine. not raggedy or unkempt. my hair was neatly pulled back into a ponytail. i had nothing hanging out of my nose or in my teeth. i smelled like powder. i couldn’t figure out why i was repelling all the help away? do they only help us when my sister’s around, because my sister is cute and slim and wears fitted clothes? when someone “regular” comes in, if you could even call it that, does that not warrant enough attention for them to help out?

did they think i could not afford anything? did they think i already knew what i wanted (even though i stood there with that box for a long, long time, rather than just going up to purchase it, if i had known that’s what i wanted…)? do i give off a “i’ll-bite-your-head-off-if-you-talk-to-me” kind of vibe? okay, maybe i do, but i swear, i smiled sweetly at all the workers and made eye contact with all of them. i wasn’t frowning or glaring, even though that’s what i felt like, inside.

anyway, after spending nearly 1 hour and 15 minutes being totally ignored, i felt almost embarrassed, humiliated even. like i didn’t even warrant a “can i help you?” from a worker that my sister always gets when she goes. it left me so self-conscious, checking myself in the car’s window reflection, to make sure i looked okay. i’m used to feeling invisible–heck, i even work at it, at times, which surprises people, considering my profession. 😛 but after being ignored like that, when it was obvious (at least to me) that i was actually *seeking out* help, made me all self-conscious and feeling like i’m not even worth being *asked* if i needed help, unlike my sister who had workers tripping over themselves to help her…i was just like, wow. i don’t ever want to go back there again.

i know that one worker had to deal with a grumbly customer, and i could understand him wanting a break. i know sometimes people have bad days. i know things can get busy. i know sometimes people do know what they want and don’t need the help. i know i can be scary-looking.


i only had 2 questions. just 2.



  1. m Said:

    Holy cow. What an awful, awful story. In support of you and in anger about your mistreatment, I will also not be shopping at Best Buy.

    At least not until I get my raise. And maybe not even then!

  2. Lia Said:

    heeheehee thanks. but it’s okay, really. 🙂 go on and shop there, i heard their dvd selection is pretty good 😉

  3. Lika Said:

    Obviously these “people” are not customer service oriented. Go to their website and email them & vent. Make sure you tell them which store and what time.

    I’m on vacatin too. LOL

  4. Lia Said:

    thanks, Lika! and sorry about your “vacation.” hope you find something soon!

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