Red-y and Waiting

This morning, the school bus was late picking up the kids. The crowd of students grew as the minutes ticked by. The younger kids were running around but my attention was drawn to the high school crowd. I guessed it was spirit week because they were not wearing their typical uniforms, but were all dressed in alike colors–several with red, several with green, a smattering of orange. Class color day! Then I heard one of the students tell the younger students, “When you get to high school, make sure you vote for RED. RED! Red is the best.” He waved dismissively at the green-wearing students. “You don’t want to be all environmentalist. We don’t need the greenies. Choose RED. Red means STOP and take notice!” He went on and on, while being jeered by the green-wearing students. The orange-wearing students were rolling their eyes. I had to chuckle to myself, because that was all so familiar.

I attended this same school, and although we didn’t have uniforms when we were there, class color day was still a very special time. We were the RED class. RED! Bright! Bold! The Best! 😀 We had a choice between red, green, and orange when we were freshmen, and though there were a lot of write-ins for “silver”, red won out. I used to go all out on class color day. I’d dress in my best red outfit, along with bright red Lee press-on nails and red, red, red lipstick (keep in mind, I NEVER wore make-up, so this was out of the ordinary for me). I think my senior year, I even spray-painted my hair red! Well, the day before was Halloween, I think, and I had gone as Pebbles, so I just kept the red hair 😛 Anyway, wearing the red and seeing all your classmates wearing red really helps to build up your class pride! The class before us was purple, and the class after us was green, so we really stood out, no matter what campus we were on. People who normally didn’t hang out together would see a red walking down the hallway, and call out. Clumps of red moved through the little spots of purple (our 9th & 11th grade years) and green (our 10th and 12th grade years). It was really very unifying, more so than any of the other dress-up days of spirit week.

I had wondered how far they could go now because they’re so strict with dress codes and everything. I mean, we had dress codes back then, but now they have uniforms. Their hair can’t be dyed. Lots and lots of rules, and I wondered if they even had dress-up days any more? I thought it’d be hard to do that, if everyone has to look prim and proper in their crisp, pleated pants and pressed polos.

But today, I saw that the tradition is carried on. And here was a fellow red-y, going on and on about how red was the best, like how we used to do. I imagine we got a lot of snickering and eye-rolling from the greenies and the “purple reign”ers, but hey, we were proud of our class. We were a great bunch of students! And here he was, expressing how much his class was the best, being red (but of course, for much more). It made me smile and hope that when my boy finally makes it up to high school (though, on a side note, ACCKKKKK!!!!), red will be a choice for his class, and they’ll choose to be RED. The BEST. 😀


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