on almost every meme site today, including the writing prompts group, the focus seems to be on jobs! i’ve ranted on and on about my current job. let us visit back to happier times…

when i was 16, my aunty has asked if i was looking for employment. they had an opening in her office for a summer aide, and their current one just was not fitting the bill. she said i could try out if i wanted to, then she’d arrange an interview with her boss and get all the paperwork for me. it was the summer before my senior year and i thought, why not? i would soon be out on my own so i would need the experience, i thought.

so my aunty picked me up one day, and i met with her boss. he was a very jolly old man with a big, roaring laugh. he told me what i would have to do and how much the pay was (just minimum wage, $3.25. yup, that was back in the day!). he said it would only be for the summer, as it was a “student” job, so that they didn’t expect me to work during the school year. i remember expressing doubts about my age (the previous girl was a college student) but said we’ll see how it goes. when i came out and told my aunty what he said, she clapped her hands. then sent me straight to work! heeheehee. my aunty is a very dedicated, diligent person, and i knew that i had to be especially good because i would be a reflection of her, since she recommended me.

she didn’t have to worry, though. the job was quite easy. a simple letter here, a memo there. no one in the whole office used the lone computer they had–the secretary still used a typewriter! so that computer was all mine and i did all my typing on there and printed out my reports and whatnot. it was very easy to do for me, since i had quite a bit of computer experience by then (from school–i had been in the ap computer science class, one of three juniors, and the only girl, i may add 😛 yes, geek to the nth degree!), so it was nothing. there was a HUGE stack of things that had been piling up for ages, and i managed to whittle the stack down quite a bit. needless to say, the boss was very impressed with me 🙂 he took me to lunch on my third day there and offered me a raise! woohoo, $3.85! 😀 it was the highest a student aide could make at the time, so i was very happy 🙂

i was also spoiled rotten. all the people who worked in that office were quite a bit older, and had children older than me. plus, i was quiet, not sassy, as they remembered teenagers to be. so they were SO nice to me. every time they went on trips (which was quite often), they’d always make it a point to buy me some incredible little trinket. i’ve collected things from egypt to germany to japan. exquisite godiva chocolate from belgium, a handwoven necklace from peru, tiny little bottles of cologne from paris, jade trinkets from hong kong…all kinds of stuff! they loved that i did their work for them quickly and “made [them] look good.” plus, i was a little 16-year old, and they were all older men. so yeah. i got a lot of attention 😉

i remember the day the girl whose job i took came in to visit the office. there were a lot of side glances and stuff as she asked chirply who i was. they had told her that there was no more funding for the position, which is why they let her go. and yet here i was! they just said that i was my aunty’s niece, and kinda left it at that. the look she gave me was not too nice!

at the end of the summer, i thought, wow, that was a nice job! to my surprise, they offered me the job throughout the year, as long as i stayed in school! so i thought, yay! i get to stay another year! then i thought i’d be graduating high school and going off into the world. however, i ended up going to college here, and the office cheered, because that meant they could keep me. and i worked for them until i graduated the second time from college–a full 8 years after i had started. and i would’ve loved to keep going! 🙂 sometimes i wonder about returning. i mean, i know i won’t get all that attention now, since it’s been 20 years. but still, that atmosphere was a great one to work in, compared to the one i’m in now. maybe some day i’ll get to return to a similar atmosphere and actually be happy with my job 🙂 wouldn’t that be nice?


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