mini family reunion

we had a mini-family reunion this weekend. it wasn’t a very happy occassion, though. it was a funeral for my mom’s uncle. with his death, that leaves my grandma as the only surviving person from that generation. it feels weird, because at one time, there were ten of them, and with each having at least 5 kids, my mom had over 50 cousins. then as my mom’s generation started having kids, and now we’re the generation having kids–and probably soon, there’ll be starting the new generation! but now it’s just my grandma left. she feels it, too, as she often comments about how she’s the oldest one at these functions now. but if you saw my grandma, you wouldn’t know it. she still looks young, and her mind is sharp. she walks more slower than others, but otherwise, you’d think she was maybe in her 60s.

anyway, we got to see the newest baby in the family, and it was a treat to watch my grandma hold her. so many stories to tell. it made me think about my own life and all that’s happened. then i started thinking of my mom, which always gets me sad. then i started to think of my son, and what will be set forth for him. i did a lot of reflecting over the weekend!

seeing all my second cousins, the same ones i ran around with when we were younger, now chasing after their own children, was pretty mindblowing. where has all the time gone? i swear, it feels like just yesterday and we all gathered at my mom’s aunty house for new year’s, with all the second cousins running in and out of every room, playing with the huge pachinko machine they had, leaving our fingerprints all over their huge 70 gallon fish tanks, tromping in their backyard by the mango trees, looking for birds, various aunties and uncles calling out to us to be careful, come in to eat, don’t do that! and now all of a sudden, i’m the age my mom was back then. all those aunties and uncles were my mom’s age now. my great-grandma was the head of all that, but she has since passed (though she lived until 100!), and slowly, people stopped coming around to my mom’s aunty’s house. then she passed away–and soon, all her sisters and brothers passed. now it’s just my grandma left. and we rarely see the whole rest of the family, except on sad occassions like funerals, or more happier ones, like a graduation or wedding. we were all so close, but we are now all so separate. it’s kinda sad.

today made me more melancholy as it’s my mom’s birthday. i know, it should be a happy time. but we all kind of know that she’s getting weaker. she keeps saying things that makes me so sad, and even had my grandma commenting, parents are not supposed to outlive their children! i watched her interact with my son and my nieces and nephew and thought that wow, there’s so much love there. how different will it be when sadly, she’s gone? will we go our separate ways, too? will i hardly see my sisters and my nieces and nephew? will we be like the rest of the family, only brought together at funerals and weddings? i hope not, but i know that she’s a big force bringing us together almost every week, and i hope she’s around for a long time more! there’s still a lot of milestones that need to be hit with the children and i really want her around to see them, and see the great influence she has on not only us, her children, but her grandchildren as well. happy birthday, mom, and many, many more. we love you lots!


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