random thoughts while waiting for the bus

why are teenagers so loud?

why do all car alarms sound the same? do they all follow that same pattern?

why does listening to a certain type of music have to be so loud? no one seems to blast classical music?

why does the bus only come late on days when i’m not feeling so well but come early on the days that i happen to be running late?

where do these kids get the energy to run around like that after a long day?

why do people like to broadcast their telephone conversations? don’t they know everyone can hear them on those ptt things?

where does one look when the person in the next car over starts gushing sweet nothings very loudly to the person they’re talking to? what about when they start arguing?

why is this bus so late?

why do most people ignore a car alarm going off? is it not a deterrent any more? the third one just went off and no one seems to notice.

why do i automatically seem suspicious of the loud group of teens?

why is this device getting so hot? yikes.

why do heads hurt?

what is with this auto-capitalization thing?

why are people parking so close when there’s a whole empty parking lot especially when you don’t feel good and therefore have your seat reclined all the way so you can rest?

when is that bus going to get here?!?!?


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