the man in the blue overalls looked up towards the sky. there was a rumbling, but there didn’t seem to be any clouds signaling a storm. this was something else.

he pulled the brim of his red cap down and absentmindedly stroked his large mustache. he searched among the red and green shirts that were thrown about the apartment, looking for a pair of clean, white gloves that fit him, and not his taller, thinner brother. after finding and donning a pair, he put on his big, shiny, brown shoes and did a few stretches. he was going to go and do something about all that rumbling outside!

he runs out, jumping over the objects that come hurling toward him. oh no! it’s worse than he thought. there’s that pesky girl who’s always bothering him! she’s whining and crying, and he decides he needs to get all this to stop! he continues on.

the things that come hurling toward him are on fire as they pass through the hot oil fields. he sweats and runs as quickly as he can, dodging the things that are flying towards him. he climbs a ladder to the next floor, since there are strange gaps all over the place. as he gets higher, he hears the thumping that is causing all the rumbling, and the crying of the girl is getting much louder.

finally, he’s at the top. he’s facing his nemesis, a big, hairy, goon–wearing a red tie?! how strange. it is this thing that is hurling the objects at him! he runs and dodges, and while his enemy is taking a breath, he runs over and pushes the levers–all of a sudden, the floors collapse beneath the enemy! oh my goodness! he fell! it’s the end for him!

sighing, our hero jumps over and is able to get the girl down. she covers him with kisses in return, and he blushes. all in a day’s work, he thought. at least, until the next level…


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