it's friday

okay this is the song, i swear, i cannot get out of my mind every single friday! EVERY friday, this is all that runs through my mind. not only because of the song’s title containing friday, but because it’s such a happy song! and on fridays i tend to be very happy 🙂

so every single friday, i get an earworm. i am humming this allllll morning long and throughout the day. then when i come home, i immediate start itunes and put it on loop and just play this song over and over and over again. yes, i’m weird. but i just love it, and the song puts me in such a happy, celebratory mood. it’s friday! woohoo!

although the video is weird (if you want to see it, click here to see the video on youtube) and i can’t quite figure out what they’re trying to do in here (can you imagine the rehearsal for the video? or was there even a rehearsal? how in the world was it pitched to the band?) but i think it does convey the extreme giddiness you get on friday, with all the jumping around and general “party” feel, especially whenever friday is mentioned.

this song also gives me a twinge of sadness, too, though. i associate this song with someone i know and i can’t help but feel a bit of loneliness when hearing this song because i know that the two of us would never have the feelings described in the song. if a miracle does happen, though, this would totally be our song! 🙂

but mostly, this song reminds me of hula, strangely enough. we were on the big island, in a van, driving to the forests to pick lehua and liko for our lei. and this song came on, and man! we went wild. we were all singing at the top of our lungs, holding hands and swaying, hootin’ and hollerin’. yeah, we were weird. but i’ll never forget that feeling. back then i had no concept of how absolutely wonderful friday actually feels when you’re working full-time, but just the tight relationships we had as hula sisters, all hanging out and singing and sticking by each other…all great, great memories. 🙂

these past few years, though, another meaning came up for me. i *loved* fridays. loved them. i still do, in fact. i swear, there’s nothing i look forward to more than friday. friday afternoons, i’m literally leaping, i’m so happy. it totally does feel like the “i’m-in-love” part. the rest of the week is just bleah, and then here’s friday, and you’re so happy, and you’re dressed up and going out and having fun (well, okay, maybe i don’t do that…) and you’re just enjoying it. you’re loving the person you’re with and enjoying watching them just light up and let loose because it’s friday, and gosh darn it, you’re in love. what a wonderful feeling.

i can’t believe i just typed all that 😉 the most cynical, bitter person about love talking about it being a wonderful feeling? ah, heck. it *is* friday, after all 😉 😀


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