injuring the livestock

i don’t know what it is, but in the past few months, i’ve just really wanted steak more than anything. sorry, veggies. it started around my birthday. i had wanted to try outback steakhouse for some time now, so i thought why not a better time, than my birthday? it was okay–i don’t know that i’d go there again, for its price. but that wasn’t enough! when it came to the weekend, and my family asked what i wanted for a special birthday dinner, i said, nah, no need make anything special–though, steak would be nice! i didn’t know where that last part came from!!! heehee. but we ended up going to sizzler and that was pretty good, surprisingly. i think i actually enjoyed it better than outback’s one. then the following monday, again, i wanted steak! i don’t know why, but i was *craving* it. luckily, times has its steak plates on monday, and their steak is *very* good. yumm!

you’d think i would be steaked out, but really, i still want it! at a recent lunch for my mom’s birthday, i chose steak again. could’ve had prime rib, could’ve had the prawn thing, but no, i wanted steak. that’s all. nothing else but the steak. weird, i know. but gosh. my mouth’s watering just thinking about it.

i found a steak hidden away in the freezer yesterday. not sure how long it was there, but it seemed okay. i pan-seared it, but then covered it to let it steam, which was a big mistake. it was nice, but not as good as steak is with the grill-marks that i’ve been eating recently. it only made me want steak more! steak! yum!

then i saw this today and tried it and had to laugh at my monster name. i surely am a livestock-injuring abomination with all my cravings for steak lately! heehee!

Livestock-Injuring Abomination

Get Your Monster Name

cute huh? 😛

there are 2 others you can get, your sexy name and your cyborg name. hilarious.

Lover Imparting Affection

Get Your Sexy Name

Logical Infiltration Android

Get Your Cyborg Name


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  1. […] I just don’t eat very much of it, usually because I’m filled up with other things like steak Even at home, I don’t eat/buy very much sweets. I’m not sure why. We rarely had it […]

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