am totally frustrated right now after having posted on the other blog (click on Memes tab above–too hard to do the link thing on here!) on my phone because I’m not at home so I only have this way to be able to post but ugh it is just so frustrating to do something so simple as answer 5 questions and not much else and have it take you over 40 minutes to do so because the keyboard takes some getting used to and finding certain symbols so you can do coding is too difficult not to mention that the delete key seems to be stuck so when I make a typo and try to erase, it decides to erase the WHOLE line instead of just the last letter, so you have to type the whole thing over again, just to make another mistake (or the stupid autocorrect spell check tries to correct a word you meant to spell that way) and then have all your work completely erased again and you have to retype it all over AGAIN and before you know it, it has taken me 25 minutes just to type one sentence. grrrrr.


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