back to the drawing board

when I was a little girl, we didn’t have very many toys. I also had a mother who refused to get us coloring books because it’d limit us (“stay in the lines!”). I did though have a dad who brought home tons of scratch paper from work. So how I’d spend most of my days was drawing. I’d draw my own pictures and make my own comic books, which was great as I could combine my love for writing stories with that.

Because of this, my sisters were always requesting things from me. Can you draw me a poster? Can you illustrate my book? Can you decorate my room? It’s fun so I don’t mind but I always worry because I know my drawings won’t be the best.

I draw very colorbook-style, oddly enough–just outlines. No shading, no depth, no real background even. It’s very simplistic. Not quite stick figures, but not realistic looking at all.

I thought I was pretty good at drawing until I took art class in ninth grade. My art teacher could whip up a portrait in minutes (I think I even still have the one he did of me somewhere) and it was so lifelike, I was in awe that you could get things that looked like that using only a pencil. I wanted badly to do that, too! But try as I might, I just could not get that lifelike look to my drawings. I could only get that coloring book-looking cartoon drawings that were “cute” but not a true, great sketch. That humbled me some!

I have tried, though! I took art in college, but still, when compared to others, you could tell I was sorely lacking. I even had a student once who was just an awesome drawer, at the age of 6! I told his mom she needed to help foster that because he had such a great talent at such a young age. Yes, I’m jealous of a 6 year old! He was great and I hope his mom did try to enroll him in somthing to help him put his good eye for drawing to use!

It’s now something I wonder about for my own boy. He does not have the talent that by student did (sadly he inherited my drawing skills) but it’s something he loves to do and perhaps if it is explored early, it can grow into something better. Heck, I may even join him in drawing lessons. There’s always room for improvement and time to accomplish your dreams. 🙂


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