more random thoughts at the bus stop

the dsl is acting wonky again. or maybe it’s the airport. either way i’m stuck with this again. well might as well do something while i’m waiting.

he got another notice of concern after monday’s incident. i am very worried what this will do to his record.

how can people run for fun? a lot of people run by this park, and i just don’t see the joy in it? we had to run 15K for our p.e. requirement in high school and i’ve just never looked at it fondly, i guess, especially whenever we had to run the hill. but i feel like such a slob sitting here waiting while they’re all running circles around me.

gosh, the way that lady is walking looks so painful. yet it looks like she’s got far to go.

heehee for that last thought i had a typo for each word for the autocorrect to correct me on. i guess i’m not as accostumed to this keyboard as i thought. i’ll have to type slower. or maybe just end as the bus will soon be here (i hope).


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