ua pau


it’s over. thank goodness.


i admit i was so over it by the end that i was going to rebel and not post on the last day. but i wanted a cool badge 😉 thanks, subversivecrossstitch, for the badge. thanks, mkd, for the encouragement when i wanted to give up, and for topics on days when i couldn’t think. thanks, too, to lika, for posting when i was feeling self-conscious, even though you were super-busy with the wedding. and lastly, (what is this, some kind of speech?!?!), i apologize to all the hawaiistories readers who kept seeing the “recently on…”s hogged up with all my wordy posts. i’m back in hiding and you won’t see my name for another, oh, 3 months or so 😉 the way it should be! 😀

keep blogging, everyone! i love reading your stuff 🙂 (plus, you’ll knock my nonsense posts off! 😛 )
now to begin my hibernation…

me ka ha’aha’a,
na lia


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  1. Lika Said:


    Even doe you not writing in hea, you going be writing in your head anden you gotta come in hea and empty yo’head. LOL

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