things i need to do tomorrow

hopefully third time’s a charm! this is the third post i’ve written–the other two i’ve decided to save for later, or maybe not even at all. but because time’s running out, it shall be very easy–things i need to do tomorrow, or how i get out of thinking up a whole new list 😉

  1. make sure i pack snacks for the boy while he waits for the bus. sometimes i forget, but he says other people share with him, so now i pack it full with snacks he doesn’t like any more to give away to the others. he always comes back with an empty snack pocket! but there are times i do forget to fill it up, so it still has to go on my list.
  2. xerox my girl’s day stuff. i just ran off a whole bunch of stuff but forgot all about girl’s day being tomorrow. so i have to be the first at the xerox machines tomorrow to get all that stuff run off. might leave it ’til lunchtime, though.
  3. rearrange plans for tomorrow to include girl’s day things. again, forgot about that! whoops.
  4. spelling. i need to get the spelling words prepped and up. i can’t remember what the words are this week, so i won’t be able to put them up ’til i get there.
  5. need to make sure everything’s running smoothly for our songfest later this month. might have to hold another practice. or two.
  6. need to make sure everything’s ready for songfest. all the stuff i ordered should be in. i think i just need reminder letters for the parents, and a schedule for the colleagues.
  7. need to get the book orders in. i was supposed to do it on friday but forgot to do it. that’s why i need to start making lists!
  8. need to get the money counted and sorted. i really don’t like being in charge of these sorts of things. i don’t know why they trust me with this stuff. they probably know i’m the only one who won’t say no.
  9. need to find out if i have to get all the lei again. do i even know where it is? hmmmm. might have to search for them.
  10. reschedule inservice i missed because of other meetings last week. ugh. i kept putting it off, and then the last two possible options that were left, things popped up and i couldn’t attend! gotta try and see if i can bego for another time.
  11. call the 3 parents i still have to call about their children’s attendance. yeah, i’ve been putting this off. sorry. i don’t like this part of the job.
  12. coordinate with parent about next week’s party. she wanted to do a whole big thing, but i don’t know if there’s going to be time. but how can you turn down a parent’s generosity, especially knowing these kids hardly get those kinda things regularly?
  13. find a substitute for 2 days next week. ugh. next week’s going to be really hectic. i hope i can find someone. i might just skip it and show up to work anyway. there’s just too much to do!
  14. get all the paperwork done for next week. i gotta make sure it’s all in order and ready to be sent out. i do have all week to get this done, though, but i fear i’ll get sick and then won’t be able to finish it later in the week.
  15. remembering the bills and mailing them in. gosh, i’ve been slacking lately. the pile has been sitting there for a long time, and i keep looking at it and thinking, okay gotta do that! but i haven’t, yet. i need to get them in before i have to pay fines.
  16. find out if the swimming lessons application is out yet. i went in january; they told me to come back the next month. i went in february; i was told to check back at the end of the month. watch, i’ll go now and they’ll tell me, sorry! all full! grrrr.
  17. get financial aid information in. i need to make sure that’s complete and sent away, so that we are set for next year. that’s always a headache, but worth it!
  18. grocery shopping. although i might put it off until tuesday. depends how i feel after all i have to do tomorrow!!!

i’m sure the list will get longer by tomorrow morning, after all the OTHER stuff i think up as i’m settling down in bed! *sigh* oh, to be young and without responsibilities again! 😉 or at least, find another job!!!

yay! i didn’t have to start again, and still made it in before midnight! phew!


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