why i like being a girl

or a list for girl’s day

  1. i love wearing long and swirly skirts and dresses.
  2. i love having long hair which can be put up in many different styles.
  3. i love making my nails all cutesy.
  4. i love flowery fragrances.
  5. i enjoy being smooth and feminine.
  6. i used to be able to get away with things by just pouting.
  7. women are smarter! 😉
  8. i love to cuddle. 😛
  9. beautiful women can make guys do anything they want 😉
  10. women are given a “pass” for not knowing certain things, even if they do secretly know.
  11. i feel free to talk my problems out with other women.
  12. it’s okay if i’m weak.
  13. i can dance hula.
  14. i can decorate things.
  15. i can do what i want without fear of labelling by other people.
  16. i’m not expected to fight in a war.
  17. i can take care of people.
  18. there’s all kinds of jewelry and trinkets for girls 🙂
  19. cute things make me squeal.
  20. i love being a mom. 🙂

of course, there’s a whole list of why it’s junk being a girl…but i think it’s worth it just to be that last option. 🙂

hau’oli lā kaikamahine!



  1. m Said:

    Ooooh. Good list. I might have to copy this idea. I’m going to agree with everything on here except numbers seven and twenty. 🙂

  2. Lia Said:

    come on! #7 is the best one! 😛

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