things i do every single day

or, a list of total desperation about my routines. i know. iiiiinteresting. :/

  1. wake up, but immediately roll over and try to fall back asleep. yes, every day.
  2. use the bathroom, brush teeth, and all that other hygiene stuff.
  3. spend about 20 minutes staring at the closet wondering what to wear. i’m so indecisive. if i don’t really have to be anywhere, i’ll end up staying in my sleep clothes all day because i don’t know what to wear.
  4. forage the snack table outside for something to nibble on, and find nothing.
  5. everytime before i leave the house, i always check the stove. even if i haven’t used it for days, i still check it. old habit i have.
  6. twirl my keys. i carry my keys everywhere, in my hands, rather than in my purse like most people. and i always end up twirling them. yes, they do go flying, sometimes. *blush*
  7. twirl my hair. no matter what hairstyle i come up with, it always ends up twirled in a bun by the end of the day. i don’t know why i just don’t start the day like that!
  8. oh, i eat every day. duh. i guess i can add drink water to that, too. i guess that goes with all that bathroom stuff above, too.
  9. i avoid every single mirror i see. i’ll go out of my way to avoid catching a glimpse of me.
  10. i sing my own made-up songs. no matter what i’m doing, i’ll hum or sing a song that either expresses my frustration or my boredom. my son now does, too. heh.
  11. i am constantly thinking of things that i *should’ve* done. i can’t let things go sometimes.
  12. i talk to myself a lot. especially when i’m driving in the car, i tend to have conversations with whomever i should’ve talked to or who i need to talk to.
  13. i spend quite a few minutes every day just observing. you learn a lot by doing this, and people don’t even notice you doing so.
  14. i really do try and smile at at least one random person out there. whether it’s a service person, or someone just walking by on the street, i do try to pass on a friendly greeting. i mostly get weird looks back, but whatever. lately though, this has been verrrrrry hard to do.
  15. oh! i check email every day. how could i forget about this?!? now that i have an iphone, it makes it so much easier to do 🙂 and not like i’m important or anything, that i can’t miss an email! it’s just nice to check and see something waiting for you 🙂 and equally disappointing to see you have nothing, as well! heehee.
  16. i dance. whether it’s in the shower, or just across the floor, i always tend to do some sorta dance. i can’t seem to just walk normally, even to go to the other side of the room.
  17. i tap my foot. not to the beat, though sometimes, yes. but mostly it’s to show my impatience. i actually didn’t know i did this until i heard one of my students say it. whoops. but i guess i do.
  18. i try to sing, like really belt out a song, once a day. this is a real song, not a made-up song. i always have to have music on somewhere, so every now and then i’ll just get caught up in the music and start singing, even forgetting where i am, sometimes. *majorblush*
  19. i remind myself of a thousand things i have to do in my mind. i have to keep them going in my mind because i rarely write things down, so to remember them, they just float around in my mind, and every so often, they come up to the surface, so i remember them, before it goes and disappears in the abyss again, only to come up later on. i can go through a list of things i need to do several times a day in my mind.
  20. before settling in to bed, i always try to talk to the boy and let him know that he’s loved. even when he’s not with me, i’ll call him up and talk to him just before he goes to sleep. a little ritual i hope can continue for a while, before he kicks me out of his room and becomes all angsty teenager that wants nothing to do with mom.
  21. i turn on the fan and snuggle beneath the covers every night before i go to sleep. i can’t sleep without the fan on, yet it makes me cold, so i need the covers. even when i sleep at someone else’s home, i need to sleep right in front of the fan, but have a blanket. i also need some kind of background noise–the television, the radio, something! then as i drift off to sleep, the day’s events flash through my mind, and that’s how i fall asleep. unless my legs are bothering me. then it’s up to pace the hallways all night. *sigh*

i’m sure there’s much more but i’m tired and it’s almost midnight, so up this goes. what new list of mundane stuff will i do tomorrow? oh, the suspense! :/


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