places i have been, cities i have seen…

or, where i’ve visited. which is not plentiful, so this is a short list.

  1. o’ahu. of course. but i had never been west of pearl city except for a yearly trip to makaha to the retreat for my dad’s work. that is, until i started my career. now i actually live out that side! i went out to the windward side a lot because of hula, and to visit a former beau who lived out that way. i guess the next area for me to get to really know would be the north side.
  2. kaua’i. we used to go there for hula. our kumu had a little beachhouse in hanalei. soooooo beautiful. we would hike to the hula mound in ke’e and gosh, it was just so lovely. i wanted a house there. sooo pretty. i went with my fiancee at the time island-hopping after graduation and this was the place we stayed the longest at.
  3. maui. again, we used to go for hula. not really for hula, as in dancing, but for bonding-purposes, which our kumu was big on. i remember waking up too early to go on that cold, cold trek up haleakala. brrrrrr. then on that island-hopping trip mentioned above, i had mentioned that i had done that, so of course, HE wanted to do it. but the junkie thing was GUESS WHO HAD TO DRIVE. grrrr. i hate driving. and i had to do the whole hana thing too. SCARY. he would comment “i think there’s a turtle trying to pass us.” “the snail is tailgating.” and i’d be like “well then YOU drive!!!!” but he couldn’t. grrrr. never ever again. i’ll gladly go as a passenger, but i refuse to drive that again. there was one time when i swear, the road was at a 45 degree angle, and it was all gravel and i was soooo sure we would roll backwards into a ravine. never again. but we were going to buy our home together there; i was just waiting for a phone call from pa’ia elementary.
  4. big island. practically every year, and yes, for hula, again. but i also went other times, too, to visit friends who lived there, or for workshops. beautiful island, but too cold! my dad’s friends lived in kamuela, and it was just freezing there! at workshops, we’d stay at the schools’ dorms, and again, cold! but nothing beats riding along and looking out and seeing the majestic mountains. i still remember very distinctly going to a lava flow at night, and watching the trees fall, and seeing the night rainbow. so beautiful.
  5. california. when i was 10, we did that whole california trip. my mom’s aunt lives in monterey, so that’s where we stayed. we went in november, and again, brrrrrr! but we went then because that’s when football season is i guess, and part of the reason we were there was to see my uncle play (my dad would go up once a year with my grandma and other uncles and aunties to see my uncle play–this was the one time we came along, too). we did the whole disneyland-knott’s berry farm-magic mountain thing. my parents drove to vegas with my mom’s cousins, while we stayed behind at my mom’s cousin’s orange county house. we drove down to san diego for sea world and football, and then we went to tijuana. oh, would that be the next one?
  6. mexico. well, quasi-mexico. i really don’t remember much driving there — i can’t recall going through customs or stuff like that. but what i do remember were the many shops and the people there–they were persistent in their sales. they’d follow you around, begging you to look at what they had to sell, trying to barter with you, as you’re walking away. that made me sad, and fearful, of them!
  7. texas. i went to san antonio for a conference. longest airplane ride i had ever been on!!!!! i was used to short 45-minute rides. this one was 8 hours!!!!!!!!! that was the worse thing. oh, and i hate to say this, but the people were pretty bad, too–very, very rude. not the workers of san antonio–they were very gracious i thought, especially the way they were treated by customers. but the way people treated each other left a bad memory for me whenever i hear “texas.” otherwise, i was just surprised by the vastness of it all. you had to drive hours just to get to another city! my gosh, everything was just so far apart over there! and just sooo flat–no mountains at all. but san antonio, with its riverwalk, was very pretty. i just wish the bad experiences with the other people wouldn’t have sullied my thoughts about the place. it was funny, because people couldn’t figure out what we were. mexican? black? what? a lot of people thought i was indian, even pegging it down to a tribe, which i don’t remember the name of. i guess especially since i had very long hair at the time, too. people would speak spanish about us all the time, not realizing that two of us actually could understand what they were saying. 😛 oh well. it was an experience. and again, that plane ride was killer!!!
  8. misses:
    • kaho’olawe. i was supposed to go, but at the last moment chickened out–i didn’t want to do that jump off the boat and swim to shore thing.
    • england. i was slated to go one summer for an oxford graduation, but we broke up.
    • chicago. i was supposed to attend another conference, but had to back out at the last minute due to a family emergency.
    • moloka’i. we had it planned in our island-hopping tour, but during that time they had the strike, so the airport was closed down, and we couldn’t fly in. bummer.

i need to get out more!!!



  1. Lika Said:

    Cool entry. I’ve lived in 7 states and wit h that gave birth in 3 different . I should write on each state. LOL I think the one cool thing about it all is that I’ve made life long friends were ever I’ve lived.

  2. Lia Said:

    wow! i would love to read about where you’ve lived and where you’ve had your children. how interesting! i’ll be waiting 🙂

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