my favorite nintendo video games

or how i pass most of my time 😛

  1. zelda games. since the first legend of zelda for the nintendo system to the latest for the ds i’ve always been hooked on zelda games. especially when it went from that little blip to a more “fleshed out” character, it was always something i would play until i could beat it, even if it meant days of consecutive play! one of my most treasured memories is sitting with my nephew, who owned the game, but at age 4 could not play it, so aunty would play it for him. he’d sit next to me and watch, so engrossed in the story. of course it didn’t help that i would overdramatize all the talking blurbs. 😀 but he’d sit there and watch and get so involved in the story. and i didn’t realize it, but i tend to sing made-up songs when i’m playing to the tune of the music in the game. my sister was laughing and saying how her son would sing this song “i’m going … up the mountain … but i don’t know … how to get there … do i try this? … oh it didn’t work … ” and she was going on, and i was laughing until i realized — he got that from me!!! that’s exactly what i say when i’m playing the game. *blush* but yeah, to this day, whenever a zelda game comes out, he’ll get it — but he won’t play it. he saves it for whenever his aunty comes to his house, and then asks her to play it 🙂 and he’ll sit beside me and root me on. 🙂
  2. mario / donkey kong games. i do like the mario games. i didn’t care for mario bros. game when it first came out, though i did like donkey kong. but then they exploded and i got hooked into any kind of mario games — super mario world, super smash bros, mario party, super paper mario…even luigi’s mansion (which spooked me out)! then there was donkey kong country and donkey kong racing and even the kongos (love those!). i just enjoy that whole family, including yoshi!
  3. pokemon. well, there’s nothing really more to say about this one!
  4. the lost vikings. i don’t know how i first got into this game–it might’ve been on sale, or something. but once i started it, i absolutely loved it! it’s 3 viking brothers, with 3 different talents, and so you have to work together to try to make it to the end of the level by switching between the brothers to take advantage of their abilities to get through the level. i guess i love those puzzle type games, but it was quite hilarious, too. i even got the sequel, though i don’t remember the storyline that well. but i loved this game a lot.
  5. pikmin. another sorta puzzley game. there are 3 colors of pikmin, and each have different abilities. you command the pikmin to collect your ship items, but you have to plan which pikmin to use where, and stuff. great strategy game. pikmin 2 came out, and i was thrilled, but i never finished that one!
  6. sliding puzzle games. the first one i tried was yoshi’s cookie, which was so fun. i dreamed of nothing but cookies for nights after that! then they had pokemon puzzle mania which was similar, but in a cylinder shape.
  7. kirby’s avalance. this was a fun game! i think pokemon trozei is kinda similar, too. but i loved this game. i could say the intros perfectly 😉 i played it so much!
  8. tetris and its clones. from tetris to wordtris to dr. mario…i couldn’t get enough of these. i still like to pick these up now and then and just play for fun.
  9. management games. i’ve only recently got into these types of games. i especially like those tycoon games where you take charge of a zoo, amusement park, what have you, and try to manage it to success. i never really got into sims, but i did enjoy these. i don’t know if it’d be in this category, but i love cooking mama, too! very fun!
  10. brain games. there’s been a whole rash of them lately–brain age, right brain/left brain, big brain academy…they’re all very fun, though! and challenging, so that’s good, as well.

i keep holding off pressing ‘publish’ because i know there’ll be something else i want to add! oh well there’s always edit, i guess! 😛


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