shows i rarely missed the past 5 or so years

or my own must-see-tv.

  1. LOST. this is my only current must-see show. at first i just thought it was a show about survivors of a plane crash. but it has revealed itself to be much, much more. anyway, i admit i had only first watched it because it was filmed here, and thought, hey, gotta support something that’s filmed here. but i got drawn in and now i can’t get enough of it.
  2. whose line is it anyway? i used to always watch this on pbs, when it was the british version, whenever it came on. i was into a british phase, and i loved game shows, which is how it was billed. but when i saw it, of course, it was very different from a game show. but it was hilarious, and i found myself looking up the schedule. then, they moved to comedy central, and i would watch that. i remember my family not understanding why i was watching something like that, and even more weird, why i would be rolling in fits of giggles watching the show. then the show came to abc with drew carey as the host. while i did not like him as much as clive anderson, i loved the dynamic of ryan and colin. i would just crack up whenever they were on. after it was moved to abc family, my mom decided to see what this show was that i would just laugh and laugh at, plus it was something to watch after all the primetime shows were done. she got drawn in, too! then my sister got drawn in, and then my nephew, staying at my mom’s, got introduced to the show and cracked up about it, so he got my other sister watching it, too! now the whole family loves it, but they hardly play it any more on abc family. booo.
  3. law and order. i used to watch law and order because there was nothing else to watch some nights, and on usa and bravo, they replay the reruns over and over and over at all times of the day. then they brought on the loveliness that is benjamin bratt, so it became even more must-see for me. but then, they came out with law and order: criminal intent. i didn’t realize how much i enjoyed this show until i had a dream about it. now, i can’t miss it–except i have been, because it hasn’t been airing on nbc, but on a cable station which i’m not sure of…usa? maybe? but i have no idea when it’s on. 😦 but lately because of the writer’s strike, they’ve been playing ci on nbc, so i can catch it 🙂 but only if it’s a goren episode–if it’s logan, i tend to lose interest. something about the goren… 😀
  4. frasier. when it was on, this was another one i’d always watch. frasier and niles would just crack me up. i loved the way they interacted with each other. i loved the whole snootiness of the series. i hated it though, when niles and daphne got together. seems like all the shows have one thing that turns me off and then i don’t want to watch them any more–hmmmm, sounds like another list idea 😀
  5. simpsons. i used to watch this all the time, but i rarely do any more–sundays just aren’t good nights to just sit in front of the tv. but when the movie came out, i had to go see it on the first day! $9 or not!
  6. dancing with the stars. dancing just intrigues me. i would love to be able to learn these dances. i’ve watched all the seasons since the first, although the last season, i lost interest when i realized i didn’t care for anyone in the finals. so i didn’t even watch the finals. but this next season looks interesting!
  7. the mole. my most favorite reality show ever. i LOVED this game. i hear they’re bringing it back during the summer, but without anderson cooper. booooo! he was part of the reason to watch the show! i wonder how different it’d be without him?
  8. scrubs. whenever it’s on, which i never know when! i’m no superman…
  9. gilmore girls. i loved this show when it first came out. i lost interest somewhere in the middle, but once lorelai and luke got together, i had to go back and watch. and then, they ruined it 😦 but even worse, they had it moved to the cw network–and my cable provider didn’t offer cw! so i never got to watch it, and i had to resort to searching on youtube for the episodes. until i guess they were getting sued, so no one ever posted them up any more! i had to go to bittorrents. sad. 😦 i still have the video in my bookmarks, and always watch it when i feel i need a good cry. so sad it went off the air and left us “hanging.” i wonder, though, if obama does become president, if they’ll do some sorta update thingie? that would be cool.
  10. unwrapped. i love shows that show the behind-the-scenes things! plus, this came on on monday when there was hardly anything to watch! it was usually followed by good eats, another one of my favorites!
  11. wiggles. this was actually more for my son. i’m serious!

i think that was all! i’m sure i’m missing a few here and there–when i think of them, i’ll come back and update 🙂


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  1. […] my list yesterday reminded me of how almost every show i’ve ever watched, something will happen to turn me off […]

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