when shows start to turn bad

or, my jump-the-shark list.

okay, my list yesterday reminded me of how almost every show i’ve ever watched, something will happen to turn me off to the show. i guess it’s my own “jump the shark” moment. here’s a list of them:

  1. frasier. loved it, until niles and daphne succumbed. booooooooo. niles lost his cuteness. they really should’ve left it alone. i guess this is the moonlighting syndrome.
  2. cosby show. we would always watch this, but then all of a sudden they’re bringing on olivia and cousin pam, and it was just … not the same. same for all those other shows that brought on babies (family ties, growing pains, etc.) because the main characters were getting older. sure, the new bunch is cute, but it’s just not the same.
  3. ally mcbeal. i stopped watching when billy died. it just seemed weird after that. i didn’t even watch it when jon bon jovi came on!
  4. friends. i guess this should go up with frasier. i stopped watching it when ross and rachel were together. when they broke up (“we were on a break!”), then i started watching again. when they got married? stopped. when they split again, watched–and when she got pregnant, i was soooo angry that it was ross’s. but i still watched, except the last 15 minutes of the finale when it was apparent she was not leaving for good. *sigh* i don’t know why i didn’t want them together–i just didn’t like them together. i *did* want her with joey though during that whole pregnancy thing. he was so cute to her. and he was really hurt when she didn’t want to be like that. but at least they did stay away from each other after that, and not fall back into each other’s arms, like she did with ross. blech.
  5. beverly hills 90210. i guess this is the same as above. i watched it until kelly started going out with brandon. why brandon, of all people, kelly?!??! then they made dylan go off and be all psychoish. bleah. so i didn’t watch that whole college season. it was only when dylan came back, that i started watching, and i was slightly happy with the finale. i wish they showed more, that there was something more going on between the two, but oh well.
  6. melrose place. i really liked this show until it went all psycho! bringing kimberly back from the dead was especially a big turnoff. i cannot look at marcia cross without imagining her tearing off her wig and exposing that huge scar on her head. ugh.
  7. roseanne. i refused to watch the roseannes that had sarah chalke on. i wince now when i see scrubs because of her taking over as becky. even in reruns, if i see that she’s becky, i won’t watch. i did watch that season they brought back lecy but then the final season they went back to sarah chalke and i stopped watching again.
  8. bewitched/i dream of jeannie. i loved these shows. i wanted to have magic powers so bad. but i stopped watching bewitched when they switched darrins, and i stopped watching i dream of jeannie when they got married. and this is not the first-run shows, of course, but when they would play on tbs, usually before the braves played. so if i came across a show from those years, i would know that in a few weeks it would be back to the “good” episodes 🙂

i guess i’m a real finicky watcher! geez!


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