things i should be doing than making this gosh darn list

or, oh-no-not-again list.

  1. sleeping. i haven’t had much sleep this weekend. i’m going to be a zombie this week! ugh.
  2. planning. i’m supposed to be looking up triorama ideas. but this is due in 75 minutes, so…
  3. playing my ds. i have to return the game soon! i should hurry and finish it.
  4. baking. i have to finish up the leftover cookie dough before it gets bad. yes, it’s nearly 11 but i could’ve made a batch for my son’s snacks or for the kids or something…instead i’m doing this list. 😦
  5. reading. i need to catch up on my reading.
  6. crossword puzzles. i haven’t done one in a while! the book sits idle on my table…waiting…
  7. zoning out. helps me to prepare for the week by getting my mind ready. i go over all i have to get done in the upcoming week. and there’s a lot coming up in this upcoming week!!!!
  8. daydreaming. well, i’d rather be doing that, anyway. 😛
  9. ironing. i have to iron my son’s shirt for tomorrow. whoops, i forgot.
  10. cleaning. i really should do that and soon. why not now? because i’m making a list!!!!
  11. dancing. or at least, practicing my dancing. or just doing something totally unrehearsed. that would be fun.
  12. deciding what to wear for tomorrow. so i don’t take 20 minutes just sitting there wondering what to wear tomorrow morning, as i do each and every morning.
  13. fixing things. i have to figure out why my cold water knob thing is getting so hard to turn.
  14. organizing. i so need a better system. i want one of those tv shows to come and organize my house for me, but not show it on tv. that’s not too much to ask, is it?

okay! enough whining. there, this list is done. i’m sure there’s much more i could’ve added, but….i’m done. for now. now guess how many things i’m actually going to do on this list, now that i’m done? 😀


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