things that have disappeared today

or, the where-did-i-put-it? list.

i don’t know what it was about today. everything kept disappearing! i felt like i was in that twilight zone episode where they construct the world minutes before the world actually enters that time. and sometimes, they misplace something, or forget to put it out, so that’s why sometimes you swear you looked somewhere, and it wasn’t there, but when you look back, there it was. except i never found everything i was looking for!

  1. this morning i gave my son a little snackster package for breakfast, but he didn’t finish it by the time the bus was going to leave, so he handed the package back to me. so i folded it up and planned to take it to school to snack on later. i remember getting in the car and putting it right on the purse. but i got to school–and it was not there! it didn’t fall over. it wasn’t inside the purse. it wasn’t in the bag. i have no idea where it disappeared to?
  2. my highlighter was gone this morning, just before i was going to correct the kids’ spelling. i use different colors depending on the subject (all the subjects are color-coded). i took the highlighter out to do corrections when i got a notification for a new email. i turned my chair toward the computer to look at the email, and saw that a colleague needed a specific book. so i stood up to go get it. when i came back, i could not find my highlighter. it was not near the computer. it was not on the floor, having rolled off the desk. there were no papers on that desk to hide it. it was not near the bookshelf i got the book from. where the heck did it run off to?
  3. the sponge i use to erase the whiteboard with disappeared. the kids even helped me look for it. no one could find it? in fact, i have two, and both could not be found. very strange.
  4. i was asked by the counselor for some attendance notices. i got them out last week but had a question about one of them, so i put them on the side and emailed her my question. she got back to me today, so i went to go find the attendance notices i put on the side–and yes, you’re right!–they were gone! now my desk does have quite a bunch of piles of papers on them. but i went through every pile 3 times. three! and i could not find them!!!!!! grrrrr.
  5. i made a whole bunch of xeroxed copies of subtraction sheets for my kids last week. a WHOLE bunch. today when i went to get a stack for them to do, i couldn’t find them. i couldn’t find a WHOLE bunch!!!! i scanned all over the room and didn’t see a WHOLE bunch of papers anywhere!!!!
  6. in the morning before i left, i usually make sure my bag has my phone and my ds in it. i remember thinking about the ds, but then since i couldn’t find it near my bed, where i usually keep it (i sometimes play when my legs go crazy so i can fall asleep that way), i thought it was still in my purse probably, from this weekend. but i got to the bus stop, and i had no ds in my bag. i looked all over the car. nothing. when we came back home, i looked all over my bedroom. NOTHING!!!
  7. my son gets the book-it pizza hut coupons every month for meeting his reading goal. yup. you guessed it. i could not find his coupon, when i JUST took it out last week.
  8. the fork i packed went missing. there was no hole in the bag. hmmm.
  9. my keys were lost for a moment, and the kids closed the door, thinking i had my keys. i had to go ask the clerk for the extra set of keys so i could open my classroom up again, and i hate bothering them for something so silly like that. but i guess this really isn’t “lost” so much as it was just that i was locked out. when i was able to open my doors, my keys were right there. i was just surprised i didn’t grab them on the way out–that’s habit already, and i see it hanging there, so it’s a reminder to grab it. so i must’ve not seen it? hmmm.
  10. but, obviously, the last thing on this list is going to be my MIND! i don’t know where it went today. if anyone has seen it wandering around lost, please direct it to me. it should look like a big ol’ confused jumble of words. thank you.

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