monkey songs

or, a leapin’ lemur lyrics list

my sisters and i used to play this game where we’d write random words on slips of paper and put it into this jar, then we’d pick a slip of paper, and we had to sing a lyric from a song that had that word in it. we’d keep going until no one could think of another song. we found out that the ones with the most were “girl” and “baby.” since staring right at me right now is a little monkey, i decided to choose the word “monkey.” let’s see how many i can remember…

  1. george michael’s “monkey”. “why can’t you do it? / why can’t you set your monkey free?” one of my favorite songs from his. my sisters and i would copy his dance steps.
  2. peter gabriel’s “shock the monkey”. “shock the monkey” okay, that’s the only lyrics i know 🙂 i remember the video well. it spooked me out.
  3. beastie boys’ “brass monkey”. “brass monkey / that funky monkey / brass monkey junkie / that funky monkey” look at all the different ways you can spell the -“unkey” words. 🙂 i can’t sing this song without pretending to scratch records.
  4. ub40’s “red red wine”. not sure what the exact line is but it sounds like “the line broke / the monkey get choked / we all went to heaven in a little row boat” i remember thinking that line sounded familiar, like we learned it at summer fun or something, but i’ve never been able to remember that song.
  5. bon jovi’s “bad medicine”. “i got a jones for your affection / like a monkey on my back.” i always liked the way he said “monkey” heeheehee.
  6. duran duran’s “notorious”. “don’t monkey with my business.” ah, duran duran. i remember in intermediate, you either liked duran duran or you liked menudo. when i look back at it now, i wonder why in the world…?
  7. beatle’s “come together”? i’m actually guessing this one–was it “monkey finger” or something with the “googoo eyeballs”? hmmm.
  8. “pop goes the weasel”. “all around the mulberry bush / the monkey chased the weasel…” i always wondered what it meant that the weasel was popping. though when i was young popping was popular…
  9. the wiggles’ “do the monkey”. heeheehee “do the monkey / ooh ooh ah ah / that’s all right…” come on, it’s a fun song. it’s one of the first songs my son learned how to dance and sing to. i still enjoy singing it every now and then.
  10. “happy birthday”. okay, this is a copout, and not technically a part of the song, but how many times have you sung, “you look like a monkey / and you smell like one, too!” heeheeheehee. 😛
  11. oh, and isn’t there “all the monkeys in the zoo give their best regards to you / happy birthday to you!”

isn’t there a song “monkey see, monkey do, monkey look just like you!”? or am i making that one up??!?!

well, that’s all i can think of now. perhaps more will come to me later, and then i’ll update the list…



  1. m Said:

    When you first set this up, I thought, “Well heck. That’ll be a list of like three songs!” But you got a lot more mileage out of it than I’d have guessed! It made me wish I’d thought of something like that.

    My friends and I used to play a game where, when we were waiting for something for a long time or when we were on long drives, someone would say a word and we’d all take turns naming songs with that word in the title, and then we’d all together sing as much of the song as we could remember. Our favorites were songs with “eyes,” “moon,” or “night” in the titles.

    Then, when we were on Kauai for the hurricane cleanup and we spent our days cooking meals, serving meals, washing dishes, and then cooking more means and repeating the process, the days were long. One of us would name a song whose title began with A, and we’d sing as much of that song as we could remember; then, the next person would name a song whose title began with B, and we’d sing as much of THAT song as we could remember.

    It definitely helped. I learned this game from Vicky Austin in Madeleine L’Engle’s The Moon by Night; it’s a good game to play when you can’t fall asleep. You never ever get to Z before you’re out.

  2. m Said:

    Oh, and I’ll add:

    “Monkey On Your Back” by Aldo Nova. “Now he’s got a monkey / he’s got a monkey can’t fight it…” It’s a song about heroin addiction.

    “Animal Crackers” by Shirley Temple. “Animal crackers in my soup / monkeys and tigers loop the loop…”

  3. Lia Said:

    heehee, i did only have 3 songs at first! just the songs with the word in the title kept popping up. i had to look at my itunes list and hum a few songs before i remembered the monkey in bon jovi’s song, and then the rest kinda came after that. 🙂

    thanks for sharing 🙂

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