1. why is it hard to keep a good man down?
  2. why was he a legend of his time?
  3. why didn’t it matter in the thick of a fight?
  4. why do you need some room to escape if the girl gets too close?
  5. why is she frequently kind and suddenly cruel?
  6. why didn’t her momma ever tell her?
  7. why did you have to have the last word last night?
  8. why are you in the mood for a melody?
  9. why do you go walking at night?
  10. why do i have to deal with heartache?
  11. why don’t you believe in me the way i believe in you?
  12. why can’t i speak my mind on your time?
  13. why do i only need looks and a whole lot of money?
  14. why did you have second thoughts at the start?
  15. why are you lost in let’s remember?
  16. why are you trying to fight it if you didn’t light it?
  17. why do you have to laugh when she reveals you?
  18. why shouldn’t i wait for answers?

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