why sunday's not my funday

the bangles may enjoy their sundays, but i don’t care for sunday. it’s nice because of no work 🙂 but there are better days of the week. so, the list of why sunday’s not my funday, or the monday blues.

  1. monday’s the next day. big, gloomy monday, looking over your shoulder, breathing its dread down your neck, making your tummy upset. there was a time when i absolutely hated sundays because that meant monday was the next day and i’d have to go back to work. by sunday evening, my tummy started hurting, and i’d toss and turn all sunday night because of the anticipated complainings i was going to get during the new work week. i hated it.
  2. chore day. sunday’s supposed to be the day of rest, but honestly, saturday’s busy with all sorts of sports and parties and things. people hardly schedule things on sunday, so that’s the day to stay home…and do chores. ICK. i don’t like doing chores. but that’s the day to get them done. and then you just have to go to work the next day! ugh.
  3. we used to have to dinner at grandma’s every sunday. now that was fun when you were a young child and had all your cousins to play with. but as we got older, we cousins all drifted apart. we started to irritate and annoy each other, and the next thing you know, sunday became a day you dreaded, because you didn’t want to see all your arguing cousins and feel that tension running thick between certain members. it got bad, and soon we were all making excuses not to go. it’s one thing i dreaded, and found other days to go visit grandma. i know she must miss her sunday nights, though, and must be wondering what happened to her family.
  4. sunday nights are busy. you can’t just relax before the new work week. there’s things to look up, prep, plan, etc. i can’t even enjoy the simpsons any more 😦
  5. sunday nights are shorter. i swear, they take a couple of hours off sunday night, which is over before you know it, and put it in Monday afternoon, which just draaaaaaaags.



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