why i don't like green

  1. i don’t like being forced to wear a certain color on a certain day. unless it’s class color day.
  2. the class below our class was green. booo! 😛
  3. green is snobby. it refuses to color the trees and mountains on this side of the island.
  4. green is the color of money. money is the root of all evil. therefore, green is evil.
  5. it’s associated with the color of several gross bodily fluids.
  6. i do not like green eggs and ham. or beer.
  7. it’s the color of the walls where i work. work gives me bad feelings. so i associate that with bad feelings.
  8. i don’t like being envious, which is associated with green.
  9. when you get spinach or furikake stuck on your teeth, it looks gross.
  10. green is the color of frogs and snakes. ewww.
  11. stuff in the icebox turning green is probably not safe to eat.
  12. emeralds think they’re better than sapphires.
  13. peas!
  14. green fingernails aren’t very cute.
  15. i feel like oscar the grouch when i wear green.
  16. centipedes. ick.
  17. green tries to bully its way into the primary colors. you teach the kids that the primary colors are red, yellow, and blue, and that all colors can be made by combining those colors–but then there’s rgb screens which prove you can make other colors with red, GREEN, and blue. in fact, green combines with red to make yellow. bully.
  18. when most fruits are green, that means they’re not ready to eat yet.
  19. i don’t like the green tea matcha drink at jamba juice. bleah.
  20. i don’t get the significance of cutting down an evergreen for christmas.
  21. those green beetle thingies are scary.
  22. soylent green.
  23. green is the hip word right now. i’m so not hip.
  24. green goblin. or any sorta goblin or troll or elf with green skin. ick.
  25. algae and mold can be green. they can grow and grow and grow and sufforcate other living things, or grow on the surface of water and completely block the sun from the fish. evil!
  26. i didn’t care for the green itunes icon. the blue one looks much better. 🙂
  27. greenpeace can be scary.
  28. those green jade bracelets are confining!
  29. bruises! grosses me out to think the blood is all green and gross now. ewwww. i wince just seeing one.
  30. i loved green as a child. so it makes sense that i’d hate it now.

to be continued…


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