things to do these next 2 weeks

even though 2 days have already passed.

  1. fix the car!
  2. clean the house. ugh. i’ve had the time the past two days but i haven’t cleaned yet. *sigh*
  3. rest and try to get rid of this cold. the coldbusters have not been working. 😦
  4. work on some real awesome lessons i learned at the most wonderful workshop i’ve ever been to. it really rejuvenated me. i predict this will fade at 7:45 the monday morning we go back.
  5. clean up my classroom. ugh. why is there nothing but cleaning in my future?
  6. make some cookies.
  7. whip up a batch of li hing mui lollipops for my sister to take to visit her friend who moved to the mainland.
  8. find some sort of activities or opportunities for the boy to be social.
  9. get easter gifts for the nieces & nephew.
  10. really get into tahitian hip hop.
  11. file my tax forms and financial aid papers.
  12. do my book orders.
  13. spend quality time with the boy. whoops. this should be #1.
  14. finish sewing the bookbags.
  15. crunch numbers to see if there’s enough for a new tv (old one is fritzing) after the car repairs and the dental bills. oh, i also need a new a/c soon, before the hot weather comes. oh and this bed is poking me with its springs sticking out. *sigh*
  16. go visiting.

hopefully it can all get done in 2 weeks. i think i’ll get to … 1 of them. hopefully.


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