celebrity crushes

i just saw an episode of law & order that had andrew mccarthy. i was so in love with him, and seeing him look older was a bit hard to take! he’s still handsome, but very different looking from the 80s pinups i drooled over. anyway, began to think of the celebrity crushes i had…

  1. andrew mccarthy. loved his eyes. he looked so sensitive, even though i had read reports that he was actually not a very nice person. broke my heart to read that.
  2. johnny depp. hubba hubba. he is so handsome.
  3. jason priestley. i first saw him on teen angel and thought he was mighty handsome (lovely eyes). then of course came beverly hills 90210. in the later years though, i became attracted to luke perry.
  4. richie sambora. everyone says “ewww” but i thought he was handsome. jon bov jovi just didn’t do anything for me. however, i do have to say that right now, jon bon jovi looks mighty fine. he has aged very well.
  5. roger taylor. he was the quiet one in duran duran and not into that make-up and stuff like his other bandmates, so i dug him the most.
  6. ricky martin. i have to say he was an awfully cute youngster when i was a teen, and even though i couldn’t stand menudo, i was drawn to him in all the teen magazines.
  7. hugh grant. hubba hubba hubba. again, beautiful eyes. and his accent and talking style reminds me of an old boyfriend. broke my heart when he got arrested.
  8. another one of my crushes broke my heart when he got arrested. but we won’t go into that now.
  9. john travolta. more back in the day than now–now he scares me. but back then–i grew up on grease and he was danny zukko!
  10. josh holloway. verrrrrry fine.
  11. keanu reeves. didn’t care for the whole bill & ted shtick but when he cut his hair for speed? yowza!
  12. vincent d’onofrio. this is a rather recent one. i know he’s been on tons of other things, but it wasn’t until law and order: criminal intent that i started to sit up and take notice.
  13. benjamin bratt. hott. julia roberts didn’t know how lucky she was.
  14. ashton kutcher. must be the cheekbones or something about the angles in his face…
  15. wentworth miller. gorgeous and piercing eyes.
  16. scott patterson. i love the character he played, but he was also a baseball player (picked up by the braves in the first round draft!) so that adds to his hotness.
  17. donny osmond. he was my first crush. i was like 6 or something. but i’ve seen him lately, and he’s not that bad!
  18. mark mcgrath. very cute. a few years ago, this other teacher who was on my grade level would call me “mrs. mcgrath” causing much confusion among the kids. 😛 but you do have to admit, my name sounds good with his! 😉

that’s all i can think of for now. yes, there are some major stars that are missing that i just did not ever think was hot, not now, nor back then (tom cruise, brad pitt, etc.). and this list does not include the ones i thought were handsome (tom selleck, ralph macchio, john stamos, and many more…). this is just the ones i’ve fantasized about having a life with (oh, i guess donny osmond wouldn’t count then because i was only 6 at the time! i wasn’t imagining a life with him back then!!!). er, still, that’s kinda a lot, huh? whoops.


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