why they'll make me give up my membership card

  1. shoes. i don’t have 40 pairs. nor can i figure out why anyone would want 40 pairs. i don’t find shoes “cute” and am comfortable with just a pair of slippers.
  2. make-up. i don’t wear anything. no lipstick, no mascara, no eyeliner. i don’t know why women do that. why paint up the faces like that? what’s wrong with natural beauty? why are we so obsessed with looks?
  3. i can be ready in 15 minutes. probably because i don’t have to bother with the make-up thing. although it does take me *forever* to decide what to wear.
  4. i don’t care to go clothes shopping. i don’t think i have, for years! all my clothes now are gifts. i just don’t see the thrill in finding a new dress among all the other dresses. i actually feel sorry for the dresses that don’t get picked and are just hanging there all sad. so i don’t spend hours shopping. that’s not fun for me.
  5. computer geek. i was the only girl in my high school computer classes. when i wanted to sign up for computer science as a major, i was turned down because i was a girl. my intro compsci class there were maybe 2 other girls there. in the computer labs at keller, i was always the only girl there, going online on those nifty sun computers so i could play my muds 😛
  6. video games. not so much any more–before i think it was more a boy thing, but i think now it’s getting more balanced. while i do not like those shoot-’em-up games that most boys like, i was into things like zelda and pokemon which were more traditionally “boy’s” games.
  7. fixing things. i’m not a can’t-change-a-lightbulb-type of woman. i can fix the oven, the garbage disposal, the toilet–as long as i have instructions to follow, which the internet is good for! 🙂
  8. my favorite color is blue.
  9. i don’t mind getting dirty or rained upon, unlike some of the other members of my group who freak at the sign of rain because it’ll mess their hair up. *eyeroll*
  10. i love geometry and proving theorems and all that–it’s fun! apparently it’s not something most girls like about math.
  11. most women i know are highly-dramatic and when you read about cases where the person is sue-happy, it’s usually a woman. i’m more laid-back, i think.
  12. tools and machines fascinate me. especially when you take them apart and figure out how it works.
  13. i did know more about baseball that most girls did when i was younger. that has faded a bit now, though.
  14. oh, and when i was younger, i had no fear of bugs. the boys would be in awe of me as they’d catch a preying mantis and although the rest of the girls would go about screaming, i’d calmly let it walk up my arm. that came from growing up being the youngest of all the cousins, and the only girl. all my older boy cousins would do anything they could to get rid of me, so i was immune to all of that. but now? eeeeesh.
  15. i think there’s something else but i don’t want to share it here 😉

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