first twenty-five songs on itune shuffle

okay gotta do a fast one because i’m not sure i’ll have time tonight…

  1. “tease me” by chaka demus. this is such a happy song. you can’t help but bop around to it.
  2. “victim of circumstance” by joan jett and the blackhearts. i haven’t heard this song in the longest time (we’re talking maybe 20 years!) yet i am able to sing every single word. how scary is that?
  3. “billie jean” by michael jackson. ah, what happened to him? sad.
  4. “that’s why” by the party. i can’t sing this song without imagining me performing this song.
  5. “into the groove” by madonna. my most favorite dancing song from her.
  6. “lady” by lenny kravitz. can’t listen to this song without playing air guitar.
  7. “the sign” by ace of base. i only seeked this song out because i couldn’t get this song out of my head after playing dance dance revolution.
  8. “no one is to blame” by howard johnson. i didn’t really care for this song, but i like this acoustic version.
  9. “stay (i missed you)” by lisa loeb. i like this song; it reminds me of college.
  10. “move this” by technotronic. good dance song!
  11. “milkshake” by kelis. again, only got this because it stuck in my head after playing boogie.
  12. “the sweet escape” by gwen stefani. ah, another earwormy song!
  13. “freedom 90” by george michael. i have to admit, i like the other “freedom” better–it was so carefree and playful. this one is all serious. although i liked it when kelly rowland’s choir did it on “the clash of the choirs”.
  14. “give u my heart” by toni braxton and babyface. i usually don’t like toni braxton’s songs, but this one is the one i like. it’s bouncy.
  15. “oops i did it again” by britney spears. she makes me so sad. i really hope she can turn her life around.
  16. “1, 2 step” by ciara. this song makes me happy and embarrassed at the same time.
  17. “sweet child o’ mine” by guns ‘n’ roses. ahhhhh axl.
  18. “peace, love, and understanding” by elvis costello. i always thought he was saying “what’s so fun about…” and i was thinking, why would he say that? doesn’t he like peace, love, and understanding? then when i was told it was funny, i paused and said, “why would he say that??!?!” heeheehee.
  19. “i want candy” by bow wow wow. my sisters and i are constantly singing this song, even now.
  20. “here without you” by 3 doors down. good song to belt out.
  21. “far away” by nickelback. one of my new favorite songs.
  22. “in your room” by the bangles. my favorite bangles song.
  23. “c’mon ride the train” by quad city djs. this reminds me of volleyball.
  24. “quit playing games with my heart” by backstreet boys. awww. what happened to them?
  25. “another one bites the dust” by queen. heh, i can’t listen to this song without imagining weird al’s “another one rides the bus.”

wow that went fast! maybe i’ll have to do 50 next time 😉


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